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<p>I bought this specific refrigerator 2yrs ago because of all the keg <br>hype. Despite it notoriously getting scratched and dented being shipped <br>to the WalMart, mine was only very slightly dented on the side rear <br>(common damage area, but luckily not the compressor) and the front edge <br>of the top trim had a slight crack. Based on most of the damage <br>complaints, I figured I was way ahead of the curve and kept what I got. I <br> use the thing every day and it's still running great. I have yet to try <br> this Instructable (too many other projects ahead of this one) and as <br>time goes by I realize the chances go up that the fridge may die of <br>regular age before I get a chance. But I'm glad to see this instruction <br>still here!<br><br>However, the site related to your Instructable is <br>down. Did you kill the site? Is your business gone? (Sorry, if so). If <br>anyone wants to follow your links but can't, use the archived site: <br><br>https://web.archive.org/web/20140713164956/http://www.kegkits.com/<br><br>BestBuy used to sell this unit many years ago, and I always thought it looked cool but didn't need it. By <br>the time I realized I should buy one, WalMart sold them but they kept <br>going out of stock, so I jumped when they came back in and that was 2 <br>years ago now. I'd better get a move on.</p>
Mine was built with a Sanyo SR-49XX series but unfortunately Sanyo no longer sells a mini-fridge that's the right size. <br> <br>The best fit these days is a Danby Model DAR125SDD or Danby Model DAR44BL. Either model should fit but it will be a tight fit. I've converted a couple of DAR44BL's and two corny kegs will fit after replacing the inside door panel with a flat sheet of metal, plastic or thin plywood. But it's a tight fit - the kegs will stagger &amp; you'll have to pull the second keg out before you can pull the first keg you put in the fridge out.
What model Sanyo fridge is this?
Tom, this is probably one of the most important Instructables ever posted. This is a great project for an &quot;old guard drunk&quot; like myself. Bottoms UP!
Thanks, I have discovered one problem with a home kegerator. It's too easy to pull the handle one more time!
Yes, because you need to provide for air circulation into the tower to keep the beer shank cool. A beer tower cooler works even better.<br><br>www.towercooler.com<br>
The whole thing looks great! My question right here is, is it necessary to cut an entire three inch hole in the top? From the looks of it, the hole only needs to be big enough to pass these two tubes through, but not any part of the metal tower.<br><br>Thanks for the how-to!
For cutting large holes in thin plastic you can just push the drill bit sideways. To better illustrate: Start drilling as in step 17 but while the drill bit is through the plastic, push it sideways while tracing out your shape. Sadly it only works for plastic and not metal.
Great Job. Unless you want to build me one.... I will continue to buy my beer and drink it from a bottle or mini keg like the one Heineken puts out.
Thanks for the comment - I'm not a huge Heine fan but to each his own. - Tom
My fav beer is Rolling Rock in a bottle. But when I use the Beer Tender I drink Newcastle Brown Ale Draught.<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsw_E-X_Kxw&amp;feature=player_embedded#!
My oldest son liked Newcastle, so do I. I might need to invite him over for a contest.

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