How to Build a Life-changing Collection Box





Introduction: How to Build a Life-changing Collection Box

How about using this life-changing collection box to raise money for the communities that are fighting the effects of climate change?

Hold a fundraiser for Oxfam this October, visit our website for more info:

Step 1: What You Need to Build Your Box

To build your collection box you need scissors, cellotape, 2 rulers, wrapping paper, our collection box labels, a piece of cardboard and the cardboard box of your choice.

Step 2:

To get started you need to transform your evryday cardboard box into a life-saving money collecting box. You can do this by cutting a money-sized hole into the top of it.

Step 3:

Now you need to cello tape the box shut, to keep the money from escaping.

Step 4:

We then wrapped our box, you don't need to do this, but if you do you'll end up with a much prettier collection box!

Step 5:

Now for the display panel. You need to cellotape a ruler to either side of your box. We fixed the ruler on at 11cm; enough space to stick the panel on and to keep everything fixed to the collection box.

Step 6:

Once the rulers are stuck to both sides, stick you cardboard to the rulers.

Step 7:

Now stick collection box posters to your display panel and the front of the box. Make sure you have the arrows in the right direction. (Unlike us!)

Step 8:

You should find that people around you are compelled to give you their change, even before your fundraiser starts.



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    Its a little late in the thread but did it ever occur to the people that say we will adapt to global warming. That are brains are our biggest evolutionary trait and we should use that to try and solve the problem. In stead of waiting for this new magical transformation that will be more effective than our intellects.

    well you see. there is more evidence proving climate"change" than there is evidence that humans actually exist. the problem is we really haven't been keeping records long enough to actually have figured out what is "normal". It is quite easy to say that if sea levels went up 30 feet a lot of the humans would be screwed. The problem with that is it is very easy to find pictures of ancient fossilized coral reefs(which only really grow UNDER water you know) an astounding 30 meters ABOVE sea level. that's right old coral reefs basically 120 feet above your head.SOOOOOO if the ice caps melt enough to raise the water level by 120 feet is that a sign of a "true" catastrophe or just a sign that the earth is going back to what is "normal"

    In a few thousand years we "might" have enough data to make a 5th grade educated guess.

    This is a cool idea, but I think the money from the box should be donated to fight something such as cancer or AIDS or homelessness, not something imaginary, such as "climate change".


    That's one debate you don't want to start.

    Not on instructables.


    I agree with him though. i suppose if i saw some actual evidence of climate change i might potentially change my mind though...

    Denial of climate change is as well-based as the denial of evolution or the belief in geocentricity.

    Unfortunately, whilst the other two mainly make you look foolish, denial of climate change is actually dangerous to humanity.

    As well as observed rises in sea level, and observed increases in the rate of ice-cap melting and the observed reduction in glaciers globally and the observed increases in droughts, storms, tornadoes, floods etc, there is the looming spectre of global famines and shortages of drinkable water.

    Sound like scaremongering? Read these articles and tell me GW isn't happening, then read this (and the linked articles) and tell me not to be worried.

    are you a phd graduate student Dr. Kiteman? lolers

    I'm a science teacher.

    doesnt matter your a frekin genious

    Er, thank you?