Here's how to build a log shelter.  This project was a re-reconstruction of a building originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the early 1940's. 

We used locally harvested Sitka spruce logs purchased from a local mill.  The fireplace was made of local stone but since that was contracted out this will primarily cover how the log structure was built.

Most of this Instructable will focus on the technique used to cut and build the roof trusses.  Ample resources are available on log construction.  Putting on a roof is also well documented.  But we had a hard time with some of the roof truss planning so came up with a few tricks to pass on...

Step 1: Prior Shelter Condition

Here's why we decided to rebuild the shelter.  Unfortunately, the roof on the log structure wasn't large enough.  In our temperate rainforest, the 100 or so inches of precipitation a year quickly caused the exposed logs to rot.  So we knew we needed a larger roof.

Also, the logs on the inside, next to the fireplace, were being ignited when large fires were built.  Some of the original stonework had begun to fail so we knew we needed to rebuild the fireplace and build it so that the logs would be less exposed.

Finally, we got some grant money to do it!
<p>Re-reconstruction <a href="http://marnsteel.com" rel="nofollow">building</a> work originally originally so difficult with that log system.</p>
Great detail shown here! Especially the template idea for the truss manufacture.<br>Thanks for sharing.
Thanks! That ended up being the easiest way for us - inexperienced but with the skills and motivation - to get things close to &quot;right.&quot;
Dude this is a serious home build! Its so amazing! But So much detail and it looks really nice!
Thank you very much!
Nice project! Ideally you would insulate the log from the concrete foundation using a bitumen/tar roll. This will keep moisture from &quot;wicking&quot; up into the log and rotting it.
You're right - it isn't seen in any of the pictures so I should have mentioned it - we put tar paper down between the base log and the concrete. Thank you!
I want one.
The results speak for themselves, great job. I especially like your truss template.<br>Thanks for sharing.
Thank you!
Great work! Thank you for posting!

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