Step 4: Weld

Picture of Weld
center jig.jpg
  1. Weld the two previously cut discs to the 3"D pipe.
  2. Find the center on the top (disc with the hole in it).
  3. You can build a jig in order to find it if you don't know how (see below).
  4. After finding the center, draw a circle with the collar radius set on the compass onto the top disc.
  5. Line the collar up with the circle drawn on the top disc.
  6. Tack weld the collar in three spots, and then weld it into place.
  7. Weld the square end caps into place in the 3"D pipe, paying attention to where the holes will be directing the steam. You don't want them pushing against each other, but work together, so be sure the vent holes are aligned so the steam will escape parallel to the ground and in the same clockwise/counterclockwise direction.
Jig operation
  • Run it around the perimeter and draw a straight line at each stop.
  • The lines will intersect in on the center or circle it out.
(works great for wood turning)