These instructions are for the crafting of a small Styrofoam pirate ship. This is a fun craft that actually floats. It will take some time and plenty of patience, but rest assured that the time you put into it is well worth it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- 2 Styrofoam blocks (2”x4”x12”)
- Dowel
- Fishing Line
- Gorilla Glue
- Sail Material (old T-shirt)
- Paper Clips

*Substitutions can be made with any common household item that might be laying around the house.

- Knife/Razor Blade
- Scissors
- Ruler/Tape measure
- Pen or Marker
- Stapler
- Hot glue gun
- Sandpaper (optional)
<p>does it actually work?</p>
Fun! I bet you could also add a small RC car motor to the mainstaff and make the boat remote controlled!
that would be awesome!
to cu the foam you could also use a turkey carver, right?

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