How to Build a Simple Yet Effective Airsoft Grenade




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Introduction: How to Build a Simple Yet Effective Airsoft Grenade

This is a very effective airsoft grenade. It is so cool to use and will help in your next airsoft skirmish. This grenade is made of simple household materials and only takes about 10 min. to build one.

Step 1: Materials

-2 normal water bottles
-1 piece of paper
-baking powder or baking soda
-airsoft BB's

Step 2: Add Baking Powder

Take one of your water bottles and take you baking powder. Carefuly pour your baking powder into your FOLDED piece of paper. The baking powder should fall into you crease. Fill to about an inch from the bottom with baking powder. It should be about 1/6 of the way full.

Step 3: Add BB's

You should probably go with lighter BB's so they go faster when the grenade explodes. Put as many BB's as you want preferably about 20-40 BB's into the same piece of paper. Pour the BB's into the same bottle as the baking powder. Once you add them shake and mix in with baking powder.

Step 4: Add Vinegar

Fill up your second water bottle to the top with vinegar. When mixing ingredients only use 1/6 of the vinegar.

Step 5: Priming Grenade

Take your water bottles and QUICKLY combine the ingredients of both bottles into the bottle with the baking powder in it. QUICKLY put the cap on. You must shake a few times so an instant reaction dosn't occur.  Wait until the bottle is completely inflated then you will be able to hold it for a few minutes. When throwing throw with A LOT of force at the ground. The bottle will explode spraying BB's everywhere at your enemy. Have fun and play safe!      ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION! If you are using one of those "eco-friendly"  bottles, be careful
because it may explode in your hand only because the bottles use less plastic so when it inflates it will explode!!!!

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the bb's make it alittle lethal,

but looks promising

THIS IS AWSOME makes one hell of a boom :) (more than expected!)

can you guys vote for my ten min bazooka instructablesin the beta belt contest

ok ill try it baking powder was all i had

i have created a mortar and will post soon!!

you should do this then put it in a morter and then when it hits the ground it will usplode

3 replies

working on plans for it

thats a good idea with the mortar thing i was thinking about that too ill try it then put up an instructable on how to make it. : -)

i've tried both and it really doesn't matter

 they are little round balls that are usually shot out of airsoft or BB guns