Step 2: Tools and Materials

-Table and/or circular saw
-Miter saw or hand saw
-Electric drill
-Countersinking drill bit (a must have for smooth finish. See picture)
-Saw horses (2)
-Router with rounding bit
-Sander (electric and hand)
-Paint brushes (small roller, 2" foam, detailing brush)
-Misc. shop tools(tape measure, t-square,pencil,safety glasses, drill bits etc)


- 2 4x8 sheets of 3/4" MDF
- 1 4x8 sheet of 1/2" MDF
- 1 4x8 sheet of 1/8 bead board
- 3 8 foot 2x4's
- Screws - 2" and 3/4"
- Bolts - 2 5" bolts with 4 washers and 2 nuts
- 2 3" long x 2" wide PVC pipe pieces.
- Small finishing nails
- Wood putty
- Black Paint - 1 pint
- Green Paint - 1 pint from Lowes matched to steering wheel color
- Plexiglass - 1/8 inch 2x4 piece from Lowes
- Xbox - with the games of your choice
- Tv - 27inch (try to find one that turns on when it gets power)
- Steering wheel - Fanatec Speedster 3 w/ force feedback .
- Seat - Pulled from a Mazda RX7 at the junkyard.
- Brake lights - Salvaged boat trailer brake lights
- Custom Marquee - Made by my brother and printed at Kinko's
- Velcro stips - Lowes
- Hook - Lowes
- Powerstrip - Lowes
- Light - 2 foot Fluorescent from Lowes
- Car mats - Free from old car
how much did the wood cost. And where did u buy it lowes or home depot?
did you pay for the seat?
Yes I went to an auto junk yard, told them what I was looking for and they helped me pull the seat for about $50.
Hey man. I want one so bad but i don't want to use an Xbox. Will a playstation or wii work too? thanks-will
I'm pretty sure you could use any gaming system with some minor modifications.
wow hey could i use driving simutlars and or make a game
Thats awsome!
you could sell this, but now people know how to make it
did you make the pin ball machine?<br />
No.&nbsp; I&nbsp;bought that for the wife it was her favorite as a kid.<br />
nice but i had an idea im going to use with mine i am going to build a strong computer for my mame cabinet and then run a second monitor cable with a tv adapter to the driver arcade machine
good idea, but some games dont show on a second monitor in "extended" mode or sometimes not even in "mirror" mode
Was the RX7 in pretty good shape? What body style?
It was in bad shape, in fact I took the passenger seat instead of drivers side because it was the only good one. I don't remember the model sorry.
what if two players wanted to play... you could possibly build a second cabinet and make or even get a connector to play on two screens like a computer
all you would have to do is link them via ethernet cable and choose the system link option
You could do that no problem with 2 xbox's. However I don't have the room for that setup.
yea i no but it was just an idea
me too, AWSOME JOB!!!
lol, ive always wanted to do this, but have been too lazy :]
good job
did u post the mame project ible? good work! bravo!
I didn't make an instructable but here is a little <a rel="nofollow" href="http://ben.cbccinc.com/MAME/mamecabinet.htm">website</a> I did for it.<br/><br/>
Thanks for sharing I found my next project.
Hello, I am building this using your instructable. It is very helpful except I'm a little confused about some of the measurements. I downloaded your Google Sketch file for measurements. However, when I take measurement in Google Sketchup, they are shorten than what are listed in your PDF files. For example: The 2 side panels are listed in the PDF files are having a high point of 58" and the back point at 50". In Google Sketchup, the high point is at 50" and the back point is at 43 3/8". Can you please tell which measurement I should use? Thank you and once again, great instructable!
Yeah sorry about that. I dont' know if I drew it exactly like I built it. I kind of just used the sketchup file as a rough picture. You will have to do a little tweaking as I recall from the build, but I believe the .pdf is the correct height I used. Have fun building and playing. Send me a picture when your done and if you have any other questions let me know.
dude this is awesome if I had enough room in my games room I would make one (5.0 rating from me)
Thanks, glad you like it.
o and i had another idea get a cheap surround sound set and hook that up and have even better sound
question does anyone know if a gamecube steering wheel will work with mario kart double dash? and will their be a holder for the controller on this
what is the marquee made of is it just paper covered by plexi-glass or is the entire thing plastic
I took my graphic to Kinkos and had it printed on high gloss paper. Then just sandwiched it between 2 pieces of plexiglass. I CAREFULLY drilled a few holes to attach it to the wood.
love the job good all the way around. I had a mortal kombat arcade hull that I used as an entertainment centor but I split with my old lady now its roting away in some mine storage unit in south louisiana
Awesome idea... I happen to have a used "racing" style seat and an old Mad Catz steering wheel/brake setup laying around my house that I have no use for. I now have a use for BOTH of them. Also, I love the fact that you pointed out "Keep Right" sign... I couldn't agree more!
Good job, sir. I have one of those RCA tv's - they're friggin immortal. I think you deserve a laser cutter for this, or at least a nice Leatherman.
Thanks, I have been thinking of all the things I would use the laser cutter for.
sweet :) i will make one wen i move out!
Let me know if you do and I'll help you if I can. BTW don't forget to vote for me if I make the finals in the laser contest.. :-)
Dude thats like the coolest thing contruction thing i've ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah thats just really cool
Thanks, you should build one.
Would you consider submitting this to the Mashup contest?<br/><strong>{</strong>instructables.com/id/How-to-Enter-the-Instructables-and-ReadyMade-Mash-/?ALLSTEPS<strong>}</strong><br/>
yeah what he said ... lol
beast and you can vote go the top
I'm sorry I don't understand your comment.
go to the top of the page, and hit the little plus button, thats what he means.
Awesome!! (the geek quickly runs to his natural habitat -best buy- and dances his magical dance, in celebration of finally being able to live out his fantasy without having to sell organs)
You shoudl be super proud of yourself, this is one of the best things ever!

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