This instructable will teach you how to make a great voltage source using a few resistors, a voltage source, and a transistor. Only a minimal knowledge of electronics is required!

Step 1: Motivation

In simple terms, we can think of a voltage (or more specifically, potential difference) as the source of energy in a circuit. Whatever your load may be (iPhone, speakers, etc.), you will need to provide voltage for it to function.

Say you have a voltage source, but it isn’t adjustable and your load requires a smaller voltage. The simplest way to remedy this is with a set of two resistors, which will make up a voltage divider. If you know how voltage dividers work, you will know how a large part of electronic circuits work!

This is some great info for a DIYer such as my self. Thanks for the ible as i didn't know about this. <br>You have more to follow?
This was for our electronics class, if you want more check out our group page! <br>https://www.instructables.com/group/pomonaphysics/

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