1. 4x4 piece of plywood
2. heavy duty shower curtain
3. duct tape
4. staple gun
5. leaf blower
6. sand paper (optional)
7. saw
8. box cutter
9. 5 small screws
10. screw driver
11. stiff piece of cardboard or whiteboard

Things That Went Well and Things That Didn't

Almost everything went well. The thing that did not work in our favor was when we stapled the curtain down in random places. It began to rip up the staples and put holes into the top. We fixed that by putting the staples over the tape. Everything else worked very well! We were the best and had the most sucessful hover craft in our class.

Physics Concepts Used:
1. Propulsion
2. Friction
3. Newton's Second and Third Law
4. Pressure
5. Resistance

Step 1:

Step 1 - Take the piece of plywood and evenly round off the corners with a saw
looks promising, hoping to build it this weekend

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