This is a very easy, very fast and not to mention FREE way to build a "taser".

Step 1: Parts


- Disposable Camera - You can get a free*, used disposable camera anywhere film is developed


- Soldering Iron
- Copper wire
- Electrical tape

*I've gotten all of mine for free, but I've heard of other people spending up to a quarter for each camera.
<p>where is the button that charges it????????????</p>
<p>OK, Let's build it...</p>
Plzz reply fast
How can I do this without a camera but I have the capacitor
<p>I tased myself (accidentally) 4 times, and i'm a pretty little guy, so unless your tasing small children I think it's somewhat safe.</p>
how would i do this without a capacitor
<p>just use the solder wires to the circuit</p>
You can't, the capacitor is the component stepping up the voltage.
I'm pretty sure that is the transformer because without the capacitor it still ups voltage.
Yes, but the capacitor stores all of that voltage from the transformer and releases it very quickly, making the shock.
even without the stored voltage it still stings. i found out....
How do you increase the power of this?
im a bit late but all u do is get a bigger capacitor the long brown thing that looks like a mini battery and u might need a bigger battery but be warned dont go anything doubled the size cause u will put holes in meta we put a hole clear through a blade on scissors
<p>what size capacitor did you use to punch through a scissors blade. sounds fun</p>
i think ill just go to radio shack and buy a compacitor... and a double A holder <br>
<p>sorry but you need the camera circuit</p>
Haha thats what i did!
that doesnt just give u a tingle that thing is deadly. i tried it on my mate and he was on the floor for 5 minutes. like his joints were soldered together.dont try this on ur self. it is seriously deadly with a 1.5v battery (AA) 9v battery... screw that myspace.com/timmywazere
1.5 Volts or even 9 Volts aren't going to hurt you. In fact, electricity wont even flow through you! You can get some sparks from touching it on metal, but it is completely harmless.
<p>The capacitor can actually stop your heart</p>
<p>he was being ignorant to how it works because of the 1.5v battery that you put inside and assuming if you plug in a bigger battery it will be more powerful when in reality anyone who knows, knows that it isnt 1.5v thats being discharged and that the battery alone couldnt do it </p>
You can't sauder bones. You need metals.
<p>Ima hook this up to some 2100 volt capacitors I scavenged from microwaves and see what happens...</p>
<p>This is my taser https://www.facebook.com/duartecancela/videos/10206755435225425/?l=9132168265921441597</p>
<p>assuming this is a say 300v flash cap do we know a lethal level ? im curious i want a taser but if i throw the wrong cap into the circuit it could go very wrong or right depending if i like a life sentance</p>
<p>You could get a 500-million volt taser with no amps and live. You could also get a 12v one (like a car battery) and 300 amps and die. Amps are all that matter. Yes they are related, but all you need to know is how many volts (volts create sting/pain) and how many amps (amps create death, and even just 1 milliamp, so 0.1 amp could be lethal) when dealing with tasers.</p>
<p>It isn't the voltage that you necessarily have to worry about. What makes an electrical device potentially deadly isn't the voltage but the current. Now, considering the two are proportionally linked through Ohm's law (V=IR) there seemingly is a correspondence between voltage and lethality, but there is no standard set voltage that's considered safe (at least none that I know of). However, if you are to consider current, as few as 100 milliAmps of current are enough to kill you if they pass through your heart (ie: you stun someone right in the chest). So if you have the taser set at a specific voltage, the actual current can vary depending on what the resistance is (which can vary due to environmental factors like moistness of the skin and distance between probes, and so on). All and all, I'd recommend doing a little research into electrical theory before attempting something like this. I would also recommend not trying it out on someone that isn't a threat to you, and certainly not yourself, but I suppose that's just me.</p>
where can you get a &quot;FREE(=&quot; disposable camera i cant find any
<p>If you're in britain Boots is good.</p><p>anywhere where they process film.</p>
Costco film department.
Walgreens could work, in the past I used Walmart to get what I needed just by going to the camera section and asking for the used disposable cameras. This only worked for me at one store, the rest of the locations told me I couldn't have them. Good luck!
u can make these without even taking them apart
<p>its ridiculously easy, literally attach 2 wires to the capacitor leads then touch those 2 wires on metal or skin and it will do the same thing</p>
i use to do it all the time let me experiment and see if i can remember
are you talking about just breaking the flash bulb out and soldering wires onto those contacts? because a few comments up, someone was talking about that.
no when u take the paper off of it there are 2 holes on the bottom and i know you stick a paper clip in each one
man that is soooo cooool an electric camera! i should add that on my prank list.
so it's a bad idea...
dude, those really hurt...
oh, well i guess that works too.
Make an instructable on it!
<p>how about using five 12v battery with wires?</p>
<p>that would just wear out the circuit way too fast in fact probably short the circuit...</p>
<p>it's the flux capacitor. lol </p>
<p>im makin one for science project</p>
<p>electronics :)</p>
In short do you charge a flash capacitor and then discharge it onto some one?
I think it was lenz who said the output voltage is dependent on the rate of change of the current, <br>So if you quickly rub the coil across the battery the faster the connection/ <br>dis-connection the higher the voltage fom the coil. <br>also always fit a diode in reverse polarity near the battery as when you dis-connest the battery the curren changes negativly and so does the voltage frying everything

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