Step 2: Take it apart

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Tear the camera apart. Don't worry about breaking it (it was free!!), all you need is the circuit.
mrwaffles23 years ago
Wow I built one of these after doing a little research and I must say they work great! Even though I am (defiantly) below the age where I can legally buy a taser I am guessing that this is almost as good.
hellwarrior3 years ago
The proper way to discharge these capacitors is to create a little jig out of 100k thru hole resistor. Take a pair of INSULATED needle nose pliers and bend the leads down like you were going to put them thru a pcb. Next step is to match up the polarity of the leads. The longer lead is the positive on the resistor. The capacitor should be marked on the can. Next holding the resistor gently with the pliers carefully touch the leads of resistor to the leads of the capacitor and keep them their for about 15 seconds or until your comfortable. You will know it works if the resistor is hot. I have found it helps to do this with the camera partially dissassembled in a panavise junior. This way you can concentrate on just keeping your hand from shaking the first time you do this! Sparking the cap with a screw driver while pretty and cool is very bad for the capacitor. Not to meantion you could hurt yourself or fuse the screwdriver to the lead on the capacitor! Hope this helps!
acrane43 years ago
I knew to discharge it so I did and it scared the living daylights out of me it sounded like an m-80 firecracker going off.
dliang4 years ago
I was taking this apart and got shocked. Ow.
well no duh of course you'll get shocked
Me too. :(