This will show you how to build an economical tilt shift lens for your slr.  You will need an slr camera either digital or analog, a bicycle inner tube, some zip ties, scissors, an enlarger or similar lens that can be shoved in the inner tube, and a lens mount adapter or body cap to mount the lens to your camera.  I call mine the Pricktar from the German term meaning flexible lens.(citation needed)

Step 1: Freestyling the Lens

I will be using an old Dejur enlarger lens because that is what I have laying around here.  Your lens will probably vary.  M39 mount and old Argus c3 lenses work exceptionally well but up your cost considerably.  When you have the lens the first order of business is to remove the lens on your SLR and hold your tilt shift lens up to the camera.  move the lens back and forth to get a round-about distance to cut your inner tube.  Mine needs about 3 inches from the mount to the lens.  It doesn't need to be very exacting as the lens and tube will move in and out to make adjustments as you shoot.
with inner tube lens mounts rember to leave a vent hole. the squashy air pressure hurt the metal shutter in my praktica , [http://www.flickr.com/photos/83675368@N02/7678984278/]
wow - love your use of 1 inch grid paper behind and underneath the camera for recording sizes - impressive and inspirational.
Looks great but could use more than one sample image of the finished effect.
Interesting plan, I'll have to try this.
Any example shots?

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