With Christmas nearly upon us, we could be thinking about building a toy box in order to effectively kill two birds with one stone. For any parent some of the biggest challenges at Christmas include knowing what to put under the tree and also where will the toys you buy your children be stored? In this how to guide I intend to give you a detailed insight into how to build a toy box.

What you will need:

When it comes to building your toy box you need to know what you are going to need in order to make this project work. If you are looking for a paint grade finish then I would advise you probably use 18mm MDF or other wood sheet materials, however if it’s a stain grade you will be going for then A1 plywood will do a good job. Something also that you will need to use is matching hardwood trim boards, along with this using footer moulding is a good idea; this allows you to add detail to the edge of the boards.

The shopping list for a 800mm x 400mm x 400mm toy box:

• 4x Long rectangle pieces of your choice of material (we recommend 18mm MDF 800mm length x 400mm height)
• 2x Square Pieces (we recommend 18mm MDF 364mm length x 400mm height)
• 2x Toy Box Lid Stays 
• 4x Heavy Duty Castors (for feet) 
• 18x  4mm X 30mm Chipboard Screws
• 2x 95° Concealed Hinges – Screw On, Full Overlay 
• Large D Handle
The tools you will need:
• Tape Measure
• Measuring Square
• Pencil
• Screw driver (to match screws head)
• Drill
• 2.5mm drill piece
• 5mm drill piece
• 35mm hinge hole cutter drill piece
• Wood Glue
• Safety Glasses (when using drill)
• Hearing Protection (when using drill)

Building the box

After you have got all your tools and your shopping list if you haven’t already cut your wood to the size that you require using a tablesaw or circular saw, lay out all the pieces in front of you to start work – we find its best to think of the procedure like putting together flat pack furniture, lay it all out and put it together piece by piece.

Step 1: Step 1: Adding the Sides

First of all attach the three long rectangular pieces that will make up the bottom and the 2 sides. The way to do so is to place one of the long rectangular pieces flat on the as this will be the base of the box.
Next, place another piece on top of the base facing the same way, then put it right up to the edge fitting flush to the end. We now need to make some pilot holes for the screws, you’ll need a tape measure, your drill with a 2.5mm bit and your pencil. Measure in from one end on the side piece where you would like your pilot holes to be and mark with a pencil – I would suggest using 5 screws, if your length is 800mm, I would place one at 200mm, 400mm, and 600mm to fix the middle, and then 2 further fixing screws at 25mm in from each end – as both the sides and bottom are the same length you can measure the pilot holes the same for all 3 pieces.

Then measure the same distances on the bottom piece and mark pilot holes. Drill your pilot holes on the bottom piece all the way through and only drill a small entry pilot hole on the side piece. Add your wood glue along the side of the side piece, and you may want to ask for assistance as you then carefully push the side up against the bottom - wipe away any excess glue. Whilst holding the glued pieces in place, use your secure the pieces together using the pilot holes we pre drilled for the screws.
That is one side in place, now repeat this process on the other side of your toy box so we have the 2 largest sides and the bottom piece all in place and secure.

<p>This is pretty vague. Dimensions would be nice. </p>

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