How to build a treehouse


Step 15: Enjoy!

The treehouse is a great little (36 sq. ft.) haven for the kids; they love it and so do all their friends. It's just big enough for two 2' wide air mattresses, so it's perfect for a summer sleep-out.

Update 2013: I'm happy to report the treehouse is four years old now, it's suffered no damage from windstorms, snow, or tree growth, the trees are healthy, and it still gets lots of use. We've made a few updates over the years, adding a pirate's treasure chest, a swing, a braided climbing rope, a BEWARE sign we use out front at Halloween, and it's well-equipped with Nerf guns & water pistols. It's just big enough for two single air mattresses, so it's fun to sleep out in, too.

Update 2014: Growth got to the point that I took the treehouse down for safety reasons (the tree started to open some joints). I am in the process of updating the instructable to reflect the rebuilding process, which is mostly complete now.

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HollyMann2 years ago
You have some very lucky/fortunate kids to have a dad to make them so many awesome things! I love all your instructables - esp the bed - this one and the rubik's cube drawers! AMAZING!!!!!
fullhouse4 years ago
Very nice Structable! bet Dad and Kids love it!
m15cell4 years ago
Good job!!
Mig Welder4 years ago
ceanderson4 years ago
Well done! A tree house is on the ever expanding list of things to do before it gets too cold (I live in Minnesota). I also have some of David Stiles books for ideas but it's nice to see yours in action.