Step 6: Lay out the platform

Picture of Lay out the platform

Because the decking came in 12' long boards, I made the treehouse 6' long. So you need to cut the decking in half, and lay it out. Leave a small gap between boards for drainage. Cut two of your 2×6 boards the same length as the decking, and the other four to the width of your decking less the thickness of two of the 2×6's (which will be more like 1 1/2" each).

fullhouse5 years ago
in my experience building decks on homes. If you are using PT decking that has a high moisture content, I would recommend placing the decking boards tight together when assembling the floor. Now for my reasoning , as the deck boards dry out from being pressure treated they tend to SHRINK up,therefore makeing the gaps alot larger. It only takes a few weeks of summer sun to do this. Placing them right next to each other once they dry out will give adequate spacing. This is only my opinion from my own experience.