Step 9: Brace the platform

Picture of Brace the platform

As it is, the platform will wobble dangerously. Add diagonal bracing made of 2×4, and use a single long lag screw to attach both of these to the tree. It's easiest to just cut the 45 degree angle in the 2×4 first. Use an 10" lag screw here to make up for the fact that you're going through 2 thicknesses of lumber.

Note that I just used one set of braces on the single tree, because the other end had two trees and the wobble seemed insignificant. You'll need two sets for sure if you have just a pair of trees.

cghale4 years ago
I'm at this point and am wondering the same thing as andrew...how do you attach the 2x4s to the platform? Deck screws or something more substantial?
makendo (author)  cghale4 years ago
Deck screws are fine; just drive them through the 6x2 into the 4x2 brace. The decking sits on top and also helps secure the brace.
How do you secure the top of the bracing to the platform? Beneath it, on the outside, inside? I'm 15 and I have no idea what I'm doing... but decided that I really want to make a treehouse.