Here is a really cool Instructable I threw together one weekend:

Step 1: Building the Base

this is a simple step. Just follow the pictures.

Step 2: Build the Tower

start with a pillar around 5 blocks tall and then, start building the corners. they should be three blocks tall and should look like the picture.

Step 3: Start the Top

in picture #1 you see something sticking out from the central pillar. turn it into a square.

Step 4: Finish the Top

in image three the I put slabs on top of the blocks.

Step 5: Final Touches

i do not have any pictured but, you can put in small floors with you windows.

Eventually I will show you how to build a wall in minecraft that is compatible with this tower. Ill have a new instructable soon hope you enjoyed!

<p>Pawn to E-5</p>
<p> how tall is it </p>

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