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When completed, you will have a walking robot that is about 2 feet wide and stands as much as a foot tall.  It has lots of room for added features and improvements so feel free to use it for your own robotics experiments or share your improvements with others.

Build time is about 3-5 hours and it is not the easiest project.  You could burn yourself.  You could electrocute yourself.  You could fry the circuits and let the magic smoke out.  There is no warranty.  SO:  Take breaks.  Wash your hands.  Drink lots of water.

Tools and supplies you will need (not listed in the bill of materials):
  • a soldering iron
  • large phillips screwdriver
  • small slotted screwdriver
  • pliers
  • wire strippers
  • helping hands (optional, and very helpful)
  • windows PC (with optional bluetooth)
  • USB cable (think the square style that usually goes in a printer)
  • electrical tape
Skills you will need (or learn as you go):
  • wire stripping
  • soldering

TIP: Get a friend or SO to help! "I hold the part while you screw this bit here, then we switch."

Step 1: Acquiring materials

Option 1: get all the parts yourself
Most of the parts listed here can be obtained at your local electronics store.
DisplayDuino and ServoBoard are sold through Sparkfun.com.
Source code and DXF files for unique parts are available online from http://visual-hexapod.sourceforge.net/
You will have to the parts yourself.  I used 2mm Acrylic though you may want to try aluminum or some other material.  I recommend a CNC machine.
Some of the parts come from lynxmotion.  Shipping costs vary.

If you download the source code you will find the DXF part files in /trunk/other/part layout.dxf

Option 2: get all the parts in a kit
It costs more but it's a lot more convenient.  The extra money will fund further developments of your robot and other future robots.

get the kit

Editor's note: I did a search among the online hexapod retailers I know.  For the equivalent closed-source kit you'd either pay about £630 or $1200, depending on who your order from.  I'm offering the full kit + shipping for $999.  Don't take my word for it - if you find a better price, send me a private message please!

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