Step 9: Arduino - The most nerdy step

Picture of Arduino - The most nerdy step
Now what we've got it all wired up, we can tell the robot to move to middle position.  To do that we need to load the software onto the DisplayDuino by using Arduino, which can be downloaded from MondroMatrix. The Mondomatrix version includes DisplayDuino firmware.

Download the application or the source code.

Start Arduino.

Load the v7.pde file.

Set the board type: Tools -> Board -> DisplayDuino 644

Upload the program. If it doesn't work, you've probably got the wrong COM port.
Set the COM Port: Tools -> Serial Port

When the program has finished uploading, there will be a short delay and then all the gears will turn to center positions.

Quit Arduino and disconnect the power.

TIP: Never work on electronics with the power in.  No one wants to let the magic smoke out.

stpdxpdc3 years ago
can you shared the source code? I can't find it

best regard.
aggrav8d (author)  stpdxpdc3 years ago
The source code is at http://visual-hexapod.sourceforge.net/ You need to be familiar with SVN.

svn co https://visual-hexapod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/visual-hexapod visual-hexapod

or online at

ookami224 years ago
it a awesome project but there's no code can you upload it please i realy want to do a hexapod spider (haha)
aggrav8d (author)  ookami224 years ago
Dang, I really left out the link? Pfff.
aggrav8d (author)  aggrav8d4 years ago
I will check in the latest version by tomorrow.