Picture of How to build an Air Guitar with Arduino, aka the AIRduino Guitar

The idea here is to build a wearable virtual guitar that is to be controlled with two hands much like playing Air Guitar. It has been created and prototyped during a two weeks project at Chalmers University (Sweden) for a Physical Computing class.

The aim is to get the feeling of playing a real guitar. The AIRduino Guitar is made of one glove and one stick. The glove is used to set the tone and the stick to trigger the sound.

To perform such trick, we used an accelerometer and an ultra-sonic sensor (see Step 1 for concept description).

Take a look at the video demo to get a more precise idea of how it works, and get to work to build your own!

The AIRduino Team:

David Fournier, Jean-Louis Giordano, Monireh Sanaei, Maziar Shelbaf and Gustav Sohtell.


how do I make it sound like a strumming noise instead of a picking noise?

malbasha1 year ago

can i use the ADXL345 accelerometer instead as the ADXL335 is out of stock in here ?

any advices to use the ADXL345 as there is no port specified for x axis it contains 2 INT pins for the output

jhokris0011 year ago

can i use this ultrasonic sonar sensor? please i need your reply
vsadiasa2 years ago
Can I use the HY SRF05 Ultrasonic sensor in replacement for the Parallax 28015 sensor? For the reason that the parallax sensor here is out of stock.
vsadiasa2 years ago
May I know if it okay to switch the left and right controller if I am a left handed guitarist? Is it possible? Thanks!
noobiegeek3 years ago
ultrasonic sensor module - http://www.ebay.in/itm/Ultrasonic-Sensor-Module-GH-311-/320936068186?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item4ab947c45a#ht_544wt_1139 ,can this be used ?? ,It's functionality is quite similar,cannot be used for distance measurement ? can this be used ?
Jell (author)  noobiegeek3 years ago
That sensor looks fine to me, you should be able to use it.
dikos5 years ago
What Accelerometer suggest for this build?
It might just be me being dumb, but why does it say to be continued on how to building the glove bit?
Awesome project anyway
Jell (author)  eggyeggyeggy5 years ago
Hum it's just because it was not written yet, but it is fixed now ;)
We will update this instructable during the week. We couldn't do that earlier because we didn't take pictures when we build the first prototype. Since we are making another one we will be able to write more detailed instructions now.
dikos5 years ago
The schematic design of the switches of 9,10,11,12 fingers correspond to what?
Jell (author)  dikos5 years ago
It's a simple pull-up design that detects if one finger is pressed or not. Pin 9 will be finger 1, Pin 10 finger 2 etc...
If the finger is not pressed, the input to its pin will be 5V, and if it's pressed it will be 0V, hence HIGH or LOW state for the arduino.
One part of the switch is the large conductive fabric in the palm of your hand and the other part is the small conductive fabric on the top of your finger, the finger part going to the pins and the palm part to the ground.
We plan to make a more explicit schematics in a near future, so check for an update later this week! ;)
dikos5 years ago
Congratulations to the construct and I

macattackct5 years ago
 I don't know.  I was just stating it.  I didn't mean  to sound mean. Sorry if it came across that way
macattackct5 years ago
 i dont know.  i was just expressing my opinion.  I didnt mean to make it sound offensive.  Sorry if it came across that way
ArduinoFun5 years ago
This is by far the coolest Arduino project. I really hope you win the Grand Prize!
Jell (author)  ArduinoFun5 years ago
Glad you liked it! Your binary clock is pretty neat too.
macattackct5 years ago
 NOOOO.  Ive been working on something like this for over a month and was about to submit it to the arduino contest.  Its different, but too similar