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Why not have my phone control the car?

I thought to myself about a week after getting my shiny new DroidX. I began researching and ended up using the android SDK and eclipse to put together a similar app, that will control the car using the orientation sensor. 

Hacking my way through the code, looking at many examples took quite some time but, I eventually ended up with this.

insert the IP and port you specified in the arduino code hit connect and you are off. Hold the phone in the horizontal position. Then lean it away from you to go forward and backwards to go...eh...... backwards. 

use the phone like a steering wheel to go left and right.

//// Warning ////
This is my first large android application.. It still has some bugs but is mostly functional. Still any advice or issues feel free to comment or message me.
///// End of Warning////
donmatito2 years ago
I like that. I'm going to try it!