Step 7: Android...

Why not have my phone control the car?

I thought to myself about a week after getting my shiny new DroidX. I began researching and ended up using the android SDK and eclipse to put together a similar app, that will control the car using the orientation sensor. 

Hacking my way through the code, looking at many examples took quite some time but, I eventually ended up with this.

insert the IP and port you specified in the arduino code hit connect and you are off. Hold the phone in the horizontal position. Then lean it away from you to go forward and backwards to go...eh...... backwards. 

use the phone like a steering wheel to go left and right.

//// Warning ////
This is my first large android application.. It still has some bugs but is mostly functional. Still any advice or issues feel free to comment or message me.
///// End of Warning////
<p>I am building a very similar project, but with a couple more bells and whistles, including the live video feed. Best solution I've found so far is a second Android phone running an app like &quot;IP Webcam,&quot; then running splitscreen with the IP webcam view in one window and the controls in the other (If you're phone can do that) or just having a secondary device that is receiving the webcam view. Because the software isn't really opensource, and there is a bit of lag on the feed, this isn't perfect, but it works. (Or, it will work, I've tested, but I'm still constructing the car.)</p>
<p>one more question:</p><p>why you choose 1000 port number?if i prefer 8080 in my program it doesn't matter?</p>
Port 1000 was simply a preference, Just make sure you use the same port as specified in the arduino code.
<p>i built a robot and i want use your android part.my robot controlled by network(laptop and computer)but with my own android program doesn't connect.if i put my own ip it's work?</p><p>do you have any suggestion for my own android program to connect?</p><p>thanks </p>
Thanx a lot a appreciat that ,with my great salutation
<p>Hello,</p><p>I have one problem, I start the communication I open the serial monitor, it say that wifi is connected but then all stop when it look for server.</p><p>Did you know what is wrong?</p><p>Please help me, thank you</p><p>Robert</p>
<p>Made the project I said here in the comments, but I used a motor shield, since I can't make my own motor shield </p>
<p>i am resident of india and making this project seems diffcult by means of shield circuit what to do</p>
<p>I got the it connected but the CC3000 arduino sketch isn't compatible with the program, I hope you update this with the Arduino sketch so we can edit the commands being sent by the client and received by the arduino. Hope you see this </p>
<p>good job man!! i like to know how thiss thing works like we connect our android device to the car using the bot but how are we able to send data was it like sending urls or is this something else can u please help me with this??</p>
<p>I would like to as if it's possible to just control the motors on the RC and ditch the circuit board passage? Like doing this tutorial, except using that RC for the chasis and motor <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Android-controlled-RC-Vehicle-with-real-time-Video/?ALLSTEPS" rel="nofollow">Android controlled RC Vehicle with real-time Video via Bluetooth &amp; Wi-Fi</a></p>
<p>kindly share the arduino sketch so that I can be able to write a code</p>
<p>This is so brilliant.</p><p>I desperately need to try this.</p><p>Luvly :)</p><p>Moegamat</p>
<p>Are you able to control the WIFI car from anywhere or just in your Home-network(LAN)?</p>
<p>How many farads are C1 and C2?</p>
<p>They were small 10uf, just enough to smooth the 5v to the Arduino.</p>
<p>And what are the resistor values?</p>
<p>There is only one, for the Temp Sensor. It was used with a trim pot and then calibrated to the correct temp in software. I am afraid I don't remember the value.</p>
<p>i will try to combine this project with this project</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Android-controlled-RC-Vehicle-with-real-time-Video/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Android-controlled...</a></p><p>i use arduino due, arduino wi-fi shield, and as motor shield i will use l293d hbridge</p><p>i might need some help programming arduino and android but shortly i will come back as it is work in progress</p>
<p>I am looking at using the BeagleBoneBlack to replace the Arduino and provide video streaming capabilities. </p>
<p>I get a &quot;uip_conn undeclared&quot; error when I hit the verify button. Is there something I need to modify in the sketch or is that something it needs to actually run on the arduino?</p>
do you have a good (cheap) alternative for the asynclabs module? the site doenst exist anymore and i cant find the asynclabs online.
Great instruct able. For the camera, you can get another android phone or tablet and mount it on the car. Download an app called ip camera on the phone and set it up. Then download ip camera viewer on your other Android or get a laptop and type in the ip in your Web browser and you have a video feed! Depending on the phone and your wifi it might be a bit delayed. I tried it with an evo 4g and a galaxy s3 and worked perfectly for this airsoft truck I have
hey nice project, whats the total cost if i ask u to make it for me???
I like that. I'm going to try it!
Actually sorry for that foolish question. I realized everything now. <br> But now I have another two questions. <br> <br>1-In the 3rd step in circuit i can see a output which is named as a AUX. What is the use of it? <br>2- Another thing is what are the resistor values and for what u have used the temperature sensors in that circuit. <br> <br>Actually I appreciate your work and thanks for the early reply. If u can attach the full list of components u needed for ur project it is gud for others too. Specially if u can mention about Wi-FI shield ur using. <br>Thank You........
Thanks for this really cool stuff. <br>I can see that you have connected one RJ45 pin to the wifi shield. But can i know to where do u have connected the other end of the RJ45 connector. <br>That's the part i got confused with. <br>Thank You.
In step 2 you should see a section of tabs labeled &quot;to Arduino&quot; The RJ45 cable is pinned out to these pads to control the H-Bridge for the motors and steering.
sir... i also try to make this one for my school project but i have some trouble. and can i ask about the motor shield? where we can find the motor shield. we need to buy it or we just get it from the RC Car that we dismantle? if we need to buy it i can't find it on my country (indonesia). any way can you help me..
bakarony, <br> <br>I built my own motor controller in step 2. It is just an Hbridge driver that is controlled by the arduino. <br> <br>It is possible to use the motor control circuit that came with the car but it would require some investigating of the actual board you have. I found it simpler to build by own. <br> <br>Brandon <br>
sir.. have you try to use arduino motor shield?? <br> <br>ok sir if we need to make the motor shield. so i need to find someone who can do the board print.. <br> <br>Herman
It should be possible to make it work with the Arduino motor shield, You would just have to make sure that your motor control outputs don't conflict with the WiFi modules required pins. <br> <br>As far as printing the board.... I was able to use the toner transfer method. however it is a fairly simple board and could be hand soldered with wires on a prototyping board. <br> <br>Good Luck.
I wana build this without using Arduino.<br>Just wana build it using Wifi Server and Client Dongle.
oldsmarracin is correct, you need the Arduino to run the car, as it operates the socket server and controls the motor control board. <br> <br>
the arduino is what control the car with out that the car wont move
Amazing!!!! its awesome
does it work with this wifi too ? APC220<br><br>http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&amp;product_id=57<br><br>
really nice idea man!!! i love 4x4 rc and android in the same pack so to say hahahaaha, im a do my own 4x4 android judt to test and show off to my litle cousins :D lol
Check out Cellbots. Its an opensource project on using bluetooth and other means to connect an android phone to be either the brain or controller of robots.. maybe somewhat of interesting. They were actually looking for someone to help them with WIFI direct.
Do you know where I can get that WiFi module but without the Arduino shield? Async Labs doesn't provide a datasheet or even a part number in their store page or wiki, unless I missed it.
Never mind, it turns out to be a Microchip product.<br><br>I don't use Arduino so I'd like to have it without a shield, here is the link for anybody in my situation<br><br>http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/Devices.aspx?dDocName=en548014
Wow! I wish I had the time to do this! Very Good Instructable. Great Work!<br><br>If you could set up a video server app could this be remotely operated like the mars rover? Some software that might suffice, and could possibly be tweaked for this would be the app that the little Iphone/Ipod remote quadricopter thingy uses. <br><br>If that software could be hacked to function through the net, I would &quot;Make&quot; time to build it.<br><br>Anyways, Great Job and Thanks For Sharing!

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