Picture of How to build an Arduino synth
This is a super simple and easily customizable little synthesizer. This is my first time using the Arduino and also with acrylic, both I found very fun to work with though.  This is also my first Instructables so hopefully I have explained this well enough.
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Step 1: Part and tools

Picture of Part and tools
For the innards:

Arduino Uno
power source(I used a 9v with an adapter)
4- 5k linear potentiometers
200mm linear SoftPot(you can go smaller than this I just used this length because its what I had)
output jack
optional: Arduino holster(I had this made using a MakerBot) for easily removing the Arduino if you want to use it for something else.
all of this I was able to get off except the SoftPot which i found at

For the box:

Acrylic pane(found mine at Lowe's)
Weld-On 4(found on Amazon)

Soldering iron
table saw
router table
drill press
butane torch
Weld-on applicator bottle

Step 2: Wire It Up

Picture of Wire It Up
This is extremely easy to make. 10-15 minutes of soldering and you are ready to go.

First just line up the five pots with the SoftPot. Then wire the first pole of each post together and solder it. The do the same with third pole. Then solder a wire to each of the center poles. The SoftPot center pole needs to connect to the A4 pin, the second pot's center goes to A3, the third pot's center goes to A2, the fourth pot's center goes to A1, and the final pot's center goes to A0. Then on the fifth pot solder another wire to the left and right poles, with the left pole connecting to the 5v pin and the right pole connecting to the GND right next to it.  The only thing left is to connect an audio output jack with the hot going to ~3 and ground to GND.

which holes does the speaker go into

TobaTobias2 years ago
I made an instructable on this synth too. This is the Auduino based on Peter Knights sketch. Theres a small video on my instructable if someone wants to listen to it.
you haven't given all parts list. also couldn't find how to play this?
hankenstien2 years ago
TO ME THIS LOOKS SIMILAR TO THE "SIMIPLE GRAIN SYNTH", JUST FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR REFERENCE VIDEO / SOUND, EXCEPT FOR THE SOFT POT, WITCH, IN THE OTHER EXAMPLES WOULD BE ANOTHER POT, (sorry for the caps) did not notice, i am curious how the soft pot sounds myself, so some of your video would be nice to see as well! nice job on the acrylic's
DDo you have any links to any video or sound samples it would be interesting to hear it
yoyology2 years ago
Can you explain how it is played? I assume the round pots are used to change the sound, but do you use the softpot to play notes, like a theremin?