How to build an Awesome Sidewalk with recycled lumber for only $50.00


Step 3: The cost breakdown

Picture of The cost breakdown

    The Final cost breakdown for this project is as follows. And yes I did it cheap.

Six boxes of deck screws. The original price on each box was $7.50 per box but I got them all when a local hardware store went out of business and auctioned everything off. So I bought three large boxes of various packages of screws for $20.00. That would put the final price for the screws I used at about $5.00.

      1/2 gallon of deck sealer which I also bought at the auction. I bought four gallons for $20.00, so about $3.00 for the amount I used.

      A gallon of diesel fuel which I mixed with used motor oil to treat the underside of the wood and support pieces as a preservative.  About $3.00 (More on this later)

      2 trips in my pickup to get the free redwood, using roughly 6 gallons of gas, or about $18.00 for transportation.

      Finally, I ruined the blades on my planer after hitting a number of hidden screws in the wood, which is a hazard of working with used wood. The blades are double-sided, so I could use the other side, which means only half the blade was worn out. I bought a set of replacement blades for $28.00, figuring half of that for this project is $14.00.


The total was $43.00. Just to be safe I rounded it up to $50.00.That's pretty reasonable for the results that I got. Of course I am not counting my slave labor. But remember, you must feed slaves even though  you don't pay them, hence the BBQ grill.
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ttfnlsa4 years ago
Awesome, beautiful, what ambition you have.