Picture of How to build an Igloo
A little while ago, while living in Chamonix, me and a friend decided to build an igloo, there was enough snow around and we didnt feel like catching the bus to go snowboarding, and this is what we achieved, an awesome igloo, good enough to live in, if we didnt have a warm cosy apartment a few metres away.

Step 1: Materials and equipment

Picture of Materials and equipment
First things first, you'l need snow, and lots of it.

And a pair of gloves.

and thats it,

as long as the snow holds together and you can make bricks out of it, then you wont need anything else, maybe a beer or two or a tea and coffee break to warm you up a bit.
iceng2 years ago
Cool...... Something I will try this Reno winter.

Do you think adding water with a sponge or spritzer  at night might make
it too slippery to climb ?

mr_jase (author)  iceng2 years ago
Aha, good idea, might stop those damn kids climbing it, lol.
Maybe put some food colouring in the spray to make it stand out and look funky?
Happy igloo building,
would love to see photos when you do, : )
l8nite3 years ago
looks like fun