Introduction: How to Build an Air Soft Course

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This is how to build an air soft base that has an attacking side and a defending side.

Step 1: Main Defender Wall

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This is where the defender's start.

1. Find 6 sturdy logs about 6 ft long.
2. Dig 6 holes about a foot and a half deep and a foot apart.
3. Insert logs and fill in hole.
4. Insert other logs in between until desired height.
5. Tie tops of logs with rope for strength.

Step 2: Sniper Tower

Picture of Sniper Tower

Next thing you need is a sniper tower.

1. Find some good trees to put your tower up.
2. Nail supports to the tree.
3. Nail a pallet or a piece of plywood to the supports.
4. Add cover and railings.
5. Build a ladder

Step 3: Minor Walls

Picture of Minor Walls

Also you need minor walls for the attackers to move up. Pallets and plywood work well for minor walls.

Step 4: Trenches

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Trenches are a good idea to make your walls higher.

1. Simply dig a deep trench behind your wall.

Step 5: Holes to Shoot Through.

Picture of Holes to Shoot Through.

The title says it all. You just need holes to shoot through.

Step 6: Conclusion

Have fun on your new air soft course


kkitchell (author)2012-07-27

why are you guys talking about guns when the main thing here is the fort btw australlord i agree with you why spend 100 or more dollars on a gun thats just as powerful as a gun from walmart thats like 20 bucks

TylerW89 (author)kkitchell2016-09-29

Why spend more than 100? Because my team and I can.

I agree

tic-tac-jac (author)2010-05-12

 Seriously!? u guys are freakin about some nooby spring shot gun that u can probably buy for 15 bucks at walmart. look on if u wanna know what real airsoft is

kempis97 (author)tic-tac-jac2011-11-07

check for da best airsoft guns @ da best prices ya retad airsoftgi sux

It shoots, it has a mag, and it's cheap. Nothing wrong with that. I've seen that gun before, it's not that bad

littl3d00d (author)kempis972012-10-13

NO NO NO NO NO dont buy online except for evike there the only ones you should buy online from. always buy in store so you can feel the gun and be able to decide if thats what you want. if you buy online theres a chance at getting a broken piece of crap that the sellers dont care about and just want your money.

book54321 (author)tic-tac-jac2012-01-14

its $35

SLEDHEDONE (author)2014-04-23

who cares what guns people play with, as long as they have fun!

tbeverly (author)SLEDHEDONE2014-04-28

i agree 110%

kempis97 (author)2011-11-07

u guyz insipered me to build the best airoft arena across the street from ma hous ill put pics up by da end of da week if u wanna c

jakee117 (author)2008-05-23

I did this because there Is a place in the woods behind our neighbor hood that is perfect for this. ther is an abandoned house at the top of the hill, a hunting tower for sniping, and some car hoods and scrap wood we use for minor cover. It is great and you gave me more Ideas so off I go to make it better. thanks so much Jake

jakee117 (author)jakee1172008-05-23

Im getting a jg g36 and I have a cybergun spring pocket pistol, what do you have?

AirsoftMan (author)jakee1172008-05-26

I have a 300 fps shotgun

I have a 430 fps SD700 sniper and a forien legions FAMAS, and a Colt Delta Elite pistol

nice that must hurt

Rye2121 (author)AirsoftMan2008-07-22

i have a 350 fps CMO23 MP5 style $65 and a M795 MP5-A5 $165 and a crappy pistol

ndunlap (author)Rye21212011-10-16

no base that has a open side is safe from me i move in the shadows and u can't hear me coming all u feel is the .30g pelet smacking your head... i've got a m2100 sniper w\ a 40x3-9 scope that i bought for $155, dual full metal co2 pistols and some crapy spring m4 i never use anymore. where i live there is a bunch of old barns , scrap oiles stuff like that. but mostly its all in the woods so my guhlie suit is my base.

Rye2121 (author)Rye21212008-07-22

the $165 one is 475 fps

fatandangry (author)Rye21212008-07-25

I went to a flea market and got an AEG m4 and a fullmetal glock both 400+fps

oniman7 (author)fatandangry2008-08-22

I have a $40 Crossman Airmag C11. It shoots at 400 FPS ( with .2g bb's ). Shoots to 80 feet before it drops. Runs off C02 and is semi automatic. Got at dick's sporting goods. $5 clips and can get 25 12-gram CO2 cartridges for $5. one cratrdige lasts 15 clips ( 225 shots )

BaldyfatM324 (author)oniman72009-01-25

my cousin has that....

ubr.bzkr (author)oniman72008-12-18

I like paint ball bettr. more expensive but more fun. i have a tippmann pro-lite. got it for free from a neighbor but you can buy for $80.

here r my guns there fps, price, and where igot them 1 combat shotgun 250 fps/8 bucks/ flee marcket 1 "sawn off" shotgun 230 fps/ 5 bucks/ flee marcket 1 m16 aeg with grenade launcher (pump) 320 fps/ 45.00 bucks/ 1 smith and weston 210 fps/25.oo bucks / dick's sporting goods 1 skorpion full auto mini rifle /180 fps/ 15.00 /dicks sporting goods 1 airsoft claymore/ fps unknown/2 bucks to make/ my basement

aseaheru (author)airsoftmerc2009-03-17


airsoftmerc (author)aseaheru2009-03-18

i just did it is under how to make an airsoft claymore (cheap)

aseaheru (author)airsoftmerc2009-04-03

mouse trap? get contanior with plastic wrap then make look real! CAMO!

Pyro zombi 9 (author)AirsoftMan2009-09-27

I have the same shotgun as you.

AustralLord (author)jakee1172008-08-18

Taurus 24/7 spring pistol 315 fps (.12 bb), very accrate. And a Taurus 24/7 CO2 pistol, 350 fps (.20 bb), super accurate.

airsoftmerc (author)AustralLord2009-03-12

not that it's my concern but if i were you guys head to " AIRRATTLE.COM " (dont include the air quotes) they sell full size aeg's (big rifles that can go full auto) for around $30-$80 bucks hey even got m249 saws for $450

my friend got his sniper off airattle and it broke with one use =airrattle sucks

jakee117 (author)AustralLord2009-06-05

UPDATE: forever later lol soon to have: TM MP5k Have: Echo 1 g36c kjw m1911 tactical w/ OD grips utg tri shot shotty

jakee117 (author)jakee1172009-10-04

im trading my 1911 tactical for a modded m93r that looks like the auto 9 from robocop :DDD

Pyro zombi 9 (author)jakee1172009-09-27

I have a shotgun, 2 pistols, mini uzi, and an A17 panther carbine.

Also have a pistol grip and laser sight for my A17.

aseaheru (author)jakee1172009-10-01

g36+drum mag on =total own..... 1100 bbs!

lucasj43 (author)jakee1172008-08-13

i have a well l96 450+fps a firepower brand c02 m9 350fps and a springer pistol 350fps that has a silencer and its extremely accurate(constantly hit a 6x6" target at 50 ft

BaldyfatM324 (author)lucasj432009-01-25

i got a UTG M324 sniper rifle, really accurate, 425fps, $100 from shorty

kevin71127 (author)2008-07-25

that little walmart gun is pretty *hardcore!*

haha yeah go walmart the only thing walmarts good for is buyin bb's for cheap and wht tht probly shoots 300fps with... .12 gram bbs haha i have a cyma ak-47 350 fps with .2 gram bbs and i have a L96with bipod and scope and it shoots 450fps with .25 gram bbs i upgraded it so lil walmart can suck my balls

nice i got the sig saurer p226 and panther carbine, the clip keeps on jamming on it tho

GREAT. GUN. in real life at least, haven't tried the airsoft one. the official sidearm of the SEALs.

50 fps more really isn't that much. Seriously.

oh ya man that the way to go and my course is better lol

Could you post a slide show? PLEASE?!?!?!

CapnTac (author)kevin711272008-08-08

It's the only slightly decent gun at Walmart.

AustralLord (author)CapnTac2008-08-18

ya its pretty good

djtomczak678 (author)AustralLord2008-08-23

i think its good too i have it and my first war with it i hit almost everytime and my friends said it hurt but 60%of the time i hit people in the fingers and i dont know why so every one had bloody hands after that war

CapnTac (author)djtomczak6782009-01-05

My friend Noah has one, the first time we had a 'war' I kept getting nailed in the fingers as well. It sucked. I got all this blood underneath my finger nail, and it sucked because I couldn't do anything, I just had to wait for it to grow out.

djtomczak678 (author)CapnTac2009-01-05

idky but it always hits fingers

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