Introduction: How to Build an Awesme Blanket Fort

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Hello,in this instuctible i will show you how to make a fort out of if you like forts (and blankets) than this is the instructible for you.
p.s this is my first instructible and sorry about the pics, i all ready had the fort built when i wanted to make this so i just put another part on.(this instructible will be entered in the burning questions round 6.5 so please vote)

Step 1: Materials

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you will need:
1: tape i find that blue tap works best
2:blankets lots of em
4:safety pins if needed
5:some kind of tall suport i used a telescope
6:some other kind of support like pvc pipe or something(it has to be short but not to short)
7 some chairs
8:and some pillow cases

Step 2: Finding a Place and Building

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first you need to fing a large space close to walls and object(like bookshelves tables ec). then you put the large tall support in the middle and drape a sheet over it

Step 3: Tape

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then tape the ends of the sheet on the wall and then tape or safety pin another sheet to one end of the origanal sheet

Step 4: Adding Supports

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then just keep taping sheets on and taping them to the wall until its as big as you want it, then put chairs in on the sides as needed, then make your entrance and crawl inside. when you see a sging spot or want to make a spot higher just put a short support of needed lenght into the spot.

Step 5: Pillows

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now there may be some gaps in the sheet on the side so to fill them up ,if you want to, use pillows, but still there might be a small gap between the sheet and pillow and if your like me, then youll want it dark in your fort so , tape pillow cases to the sides.

Step 6: Your Done!!!

Picture of Your Done!!!

now you are done, bask in the envy of all your friends because your fort is aweseme

Step 7: Optional

if you want you can tape flashlights in your fort for light and you also could stash food and water in there for survivel


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kyliec2 (author)2014-09-11

My fort are huge! WE build them off of an L-shaped couch, and we slept in it! There are little peek holes so we can watch movies! I'm only 10, and I make them all the time, and if I can do it, you can do. And anyway stop bugging the author about spelling issues. I think it's fine and I love to misspell things and its the internet, like DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheSnakeGirl (author)2012-05-09

Yay! Super fun project :D

acidbass (author)2010-04-28

 you need to learn how to spell correctly

EpicZombie (author)acidbass2010-04-30


acidbass (author)EpicZombie2010-04-30

 not you the author he has not used spellcheck on this ible yet

ducktape.mac (author)acidbass2010-11-03

well, for some reason instructables doesn't have spell check when your doing making instructables.i could be wrong, but today i was making one, and it would't do it.

acidbass (author)ducktape.mac2010-11-04

hmmmm well a red line should appear anyway if you are using a windows program

EpicZombie (author)acidbass2010-11-04

i know right :)

EpicZombie (author)acidbass2010-05-02

oh. I can see that.

acidbass (author)EpicZombie2010-05-02


EpicZombie (author)2010-04-27


carpfluff (author)2010-04-15

nice pillow

Hunter O. (author)2009-12-26

Ha ha guard moose and bear. RAHR

Flash Gordon (author)2009-04-11

awesome yes how did you manage to design such a beutiful fort. I think your a fort building prodigy man. I mean best fort ive seen.

coolboy45 (author)Flash Gordon2009-04-12

well thank you,idk really know how i did i just did,i made several others with different designs

Flash Gordon (author)coolboy452009-04-12

How. if i make fort i put cat as fort general

coolboy45 (author)Flash Gordon2009-04-13

well my parents made me move it back some so i just made a different design,every time i build this fort its a different design,lol well is your cat mean?

Flash Gordon (author)coolboy452009-04-13

yah... when im asleep she scratches my face and she tries to kill me in my sleep...

coolboy45 (author)Flash Gordon2009-04-13

ok...well im thinking its not safe with her around but,she would make a great guard..unless she only attacks you

Flash Gordon (author)coolboy452009-04-13

Well if i give her my pillow she guards me but she gets scared easily...

coolboy45 (author)Flash Gordon2009-04-14

well tats odd,im guessing that wont work if shes too scared

Flash Gordon (author)coolboy452009-04-14

ya i might just use some awesome motion detecting light thing i have or maybe just my dog

coolboy45 (author)Flash Gordon2009-04-14

lol good plan

Flash Gordon (author)coolboy452009-04-15

Or maybe a tripwire...

coolboy45 (author)Flash Gordon2009-04-15

i made a trip wire

Flash Gordon (author)coolboy452009-04-15

did it work out?

dragonwarrior3000 (author)2009-03-07

i dont need instructions on how to make something that i have mastered. the dragon warriors invented the art of fort construction.

jakee117 (author)2009-01-30

my neighbors made one that took up their entire basement... lol

coolboy45 (author)jakee1172009-02-02

wow sounds impressive

jakee117 (author)coolboy452009-02-02

yeah it has like 5 rooms lol

coolboy45 (author)jakee1172009-02-05

dang maybe ill try that

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