Picture of How to build and program a NXT Lego robot

      Lego’s are a big attraction to many young children. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) has created a program for young children who can create robots out of Legos using a kit. As a team, kids create a robot out of this kit to perform a simple daily task. In this tutorial I will teach you how to build a robot out of the NXT Mindstorm kit. I will teach you how to write and run a program on how to move the bot forward and backward.



NXT Lego Robot Kit             depending on the kit  >$100


Depending on how steady you hands are and you easily frustrated you get:  :30 – 1:30

*Caution: Lego pieces are small and children may swallow*

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Step 1: The Kit

Picture of The Kit
After obtaining a NXT Lego robotics kit, lay out all of the pieces in the kit. The supplies should contain all that is in the above photo

Step 2: The Arm

Picture of The Arm
Take one of the arm pieces, two of the smaller gray couplings, and four of the large black couplings as shown in the top half of the photo.  Place the two gray pieces into the last two holes of the arm piece on the long side of the arm.  The gray pieces should have an even amount on either side of the hole. Place the four black couplings over the ends of the gray couplings with the crown side closest to the arm.  A finished product will look like the bottom half of the photo.

Step 3: The Chassis Part 1

Picture of The Chassis Part 1
Figure 4.PNG
Take the two NXT axles, the big gray coupling and two of the black couplings. The correct parts are shown in the top photo.  Connect the two black couplings to the end of the gray piece. This is shown in the top half of the second photo. The ends of the black crowns should be placed through the middle hole of the group of three holes on the axle next to the orange circle. The completed product for step three will look like product in the bottom half of the second photo.
Cool but how much does it cost
TheBlueberry (author)  The Making Blog1 year ago
It really depends on the kit that you purchase. The smaller ones cost about $100 but they can go upwards of $250.


rubiksnerd2 years ago
Incredible tutorial! It helped me a lot with my robot.