How to Build Project "Fab" Knex Ball Machine





Introduction: How to Build Project "Fab" Knex Ball Machine

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Hello, This is an Instruction how to build my ball machine "Fab". I Hope you'll like it!

Step 1: Piececount

green: 208
white: 210
blue: 417
yellow: 262
red: 119
grey: 42
black (same length as grey, you could youse a gray rod instead, but a black one is better): 1
Total Rods: 1259

darkgray: 138
lightgray: 6
orange: 104
red: 112
green: 29
purpel: 301
yellow: 298
oange (you can connect tubing on them): 30
blue: 91
white: 50
Total Connectores: 1159

orange clips to put tubing on: 5
blue spacer: 34
grey spacer: 26
tanclip: 5
Y-clip: 70
green-flexible rod (same length as gray rods): 1
orage-flexible rod (same length as yellow rods): 4
red medium-sized gear: 8
battery-motor: 1
chianlink: 94
261 cm tubing: 1
Total Other: 149

Total: 2567

Step 2: The Frame

Ok now you'll build the frame

Step 3: Rolling on Rods

now you'll make on the left side the "rolling on rods" element.

Step 4: The Maze

Now you'll make at the right side the maze

Step 5: The Center

Now you'll make the center of the model.

Step 6: The Right Side

Now you'll make the right side.

Step 7: The Left Side

Now you'll make the left side.

Step 8: Flip Flap Thing and Ferris Wheal

Now you'll make two elements: the flip flap thing and the ferris wheal.

Step 9: The Tower

Now you'll make the tower.

Step 10: Spiral Case and Wheal Slide

It's time to make the spiral case and the wheal slide, an Element I invented.

Step 11: Archimedes Screw and Special Slide

Now yo'll make the archimedes screw and the special Slide.

Step 12: The Last Path

Step 13: The Chain

Now you'll make the chain.

Step 14: Finish

You finished buildeng Fab!!!



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    Yeah, you'll have to think of your own way to attach the motor, though

    Wow! In step 3, part 8, it looks exactly like an optical illusion!

    1 reply

    Maybe it IS one... :P:P:P

    No, sorry. Maybe you could make one?

    Mine won't exactly be good, because I prefer to film it in one video, but it will be fine. When I cover the camera with my hand, that's path seperation.

    That doesn't matter.
    Please do the modification in Step 12 (I didn't add that as comment yet as i somehow can't edit ibles atm) that you use in that helix thingy instead of two yellow connectors only gold ones and wined the track all the way, I haven't tested that but that should make it work better. :)

    I will! After I finish building it....

    thanks! did you build it already?

    your welcome. no because me and the blue nullet made the final updates to my ball machine

    its still good thow