Introduction: How to Build Project "ignition" Knex Roller Coaster

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Hi I'm Tornado 96 and this is an instructable on how to make my most recent knex coaster "Project Ignition". This is my first instructable so please tell me if there is anything that i could make better. You can make this from the serpent spiral and dragon's drop coasters. You can still build it without the sets.

Here is the piece count:
Green: 26
White: 16
Blue: 53
Yellow: 18
Red: 112
Grey: 60

Micro rods
Black: 5
Yellow: 6
Grey: 6
Red: 12
Purple: 12
Blue: 9
Orange: 13

Normal to micro knex rods
Red/Pink: 28
Purple/Green: 37

Purple one-slot: 5
Orange two-slot: 22
Red three-slot: 16
Green four-slot: 1
Yellow five-slot: 36
Grey 3D: 92
Blue 3D: 55
White eight-slot: 2

Micro Connectors
Yellow three-slot: 8
Grey four-slot: 22
Blue 3D micro: 18
Grey 3D micro: 10
Purple two-slot: 45

Normal to Micro knex connectors
Neon connector: 4

Black chain wheel: 2
Black rod endings: 2
Grey spacers: 16
Blue spacers: 4
Tan connectors: 2
Chain Guides: 40
Tan "y" micro connectors: 17
Track pieces: 34
Micro chain links: 294
Motor: 1

Please tell me if I'm wrong in the piece count. Now that you've counted the pieces it is time to get started!

Step 1: The Tower Base

Picture of The Tower Base

Where the whole thing starts: the base.

Step 2: Tower Part 1

Picture of Tower Part 1

Um... The first part of the tower.

Step 3: Tower Part 2

Picture of Tower Part 2

The second part of the tower.

Step 4: Tower Part 3

Picture of Tower Part 3

Another part of the tower.

Step 5: Track Support

Picture of Track Support

This is an important part of the construction. Without it you would have to change the model completely. Watch carefully for small micro knex parts.

Step 6: Tower Top

Picture of Tower Top

The top part of the tower which includes the motor. I hope you can reach it. I put rods sticking out because I thought it made it look more intimidating.

Step 7: Track Hill

Picture of Track Hill

Finally! The tower is finished. But your not done yet. Now is the best part: attaching the track. Pay attention on where to put chain guides.

Step 8: Figure Eight

Picture of Figure Eight

The descent! The action starts with a figure eight. LOOK OUT FOR TAN Y MICRO CONNECTORS!!!

Step 9: Turn Drop and Loop

Picture of Turn Drop and Loop

The next part of the descent includes a turn, then a daring drop, and ends with a loop. LOOK FOR TAN Y MICRO CONNECTORS!!!

Step 10: The Spiral

Picture of The Spiral

This part of the descent spirals down the tower. LOOK OUT FOR TAN Y MICRO CONNECTORS!!!

Step 11: Track End

Picture of Track End

The longest step yet. The car goes through a few turns, twists and, loops and gets to the track hill. LOOK OUT FOR TAN Y MICRO CONNECTORS!!!

Step 12: Adding the Chain

Picture of Adding the Chain

One of the most important parts of the coaster. Without it the car wouldn't even get up the hill. Pay attention on where to let the chain run.

Step 13: Your Done

Picture of Your Done

Congratulations!!! You have completed project ignition! Now you can watch the cars whiz down the tower. I hope you liked it.


msimon3 made it! (author)2014-09-07

Really cool, but the lift hill does not work. The car would either get stuck at the top of the hill or not enough chain would be on the gear and it would skip. Also, i could not put the orange things at the top because the ceiling was not high enough! It was really hard and I barely pieced it together because i had neither the Serpent Spiral or Dragon Drop roller coasters! Overall 4 stars. The photo below is the finished model. The white spot is just a light on the ceiling.

knexinventions 49 (author)2012-12-11

can you use the track without metal rods?

Vynash (author)2009-10-23

Don't buy those knex pieces...You are showing them that you like knex nowadays..

Tornado96 (author)Vynash2009-10-26

Unluckily I don't have enough roller coaster connectors to build big cool type coasters. But I've got a lot of the new ones. Don't worry. I'll be working on a big one next month called magma mountain. It will be BIG. 

teamgenez (author)Tornado962012-03-14

I like it but the car gets stuck on each of the following places:
1 the top of the chain
2 all the loops

also i modified it with 5 modifications but it never got better
and you know what else?: It goes really slow on the descend
in addition I made it with micro pieces cause the last time i tried making it with regular pieces I didn't have enough. So when I chose to make it with micro it was strong, but for the bottom chain gear, i just used transition rods, but i used regular pieces for the motor. Plus a lot of the supports for the track kept snapping off like 10 times

Tornado96 (author)teamgenez2012-03-19

Well if you're using micro knex for the structure then it's nowhere near as strong. As for your car not making it. How old is your car? VV cars tend to lose their speed with time. Besides this isnt really worth building. It's a horrible coaster compared to some of teh new stuff I have :P

Vynash (author)Tornado962009-10-26


Tornado96 (author)Tornado962009-10-26

By the way I prefer the old knex by miles.

jbenton1 (author)2011-03-23

Tornado96 (author)jbenton12011-03-24

Um, I'm not interested in pokemon...

TheKnexDude (author)Tornado962011-12-28

I do not know why jbenton1 put a pokemon link.

k-n-e-x(leaved ibls) (author)2010-10-30

does anyone wanna learn dutch?

That's a pretty random question. But hey why not. I already know English and spanish. Now I can be trilingual. If you do teach it to me do it on my orangeboard.

Bartboy (author)2009-11-15

This deserves to be featured more than some of the ones that are.

rybubbles (author)2009-09-25

this is awsome!!!!!!!!! first roller coaster instructable on the site
by the way 1000000% totally awesome!

Tornado96 (author)rybubbles2009-09-25


rybubbles (author)2009-09-25

im going to build it when i get enough traks...... my brother threw them out cause we thought that we weren't going to like knex any more... so now they are gone

chopstx (author)2009-09-24

Check it out!!!!! less than a minute after you posted this, I replied! Awesome creation!

Tornado96 (author)chopstx2009-09-24

Thanks. I'm glad you like my first instructable.

chopstx (author)Tornado962009-09-24

Sure! Great detail yet simple. Also, You did a wonderful job with pictures!

Tornado96 (author)chopstx2009-09-25

Thanks again.

Tornado96 (author)2009-09-24

My main focus from now on is to make ball machines. But I will make roller coasters from time to time.

smilee (author)2009-09-24


chopstx (author)smilee2009-09-24

I know right?

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