These costumes were a year in the making for the brainstorming, sketching, and designing followed by a three day cram session to get them built in time for our Halloween party.

We always tend to go overboard for Halloween but this year I think we outdid ourselves. This is my first instructable and our entry into the Halloween costume contest.

A quick disclaimer:
Some of the equipment and resources we used to build these are not readily available for most people on the cheap but I work for a metal shop and they are nice enough to let me use the machines in my spare time. Making these costumes out of metal is a bit overkill and similar results could be had using cardboard or other materials.

Step 1: The Robots Are for Sale!!

I really hate to do this but our family has grown by +1 and I am starting my sophomore year of pursuing a mechanical engineering degree with another two more to go after this.  Sadly, to cover bills and expenses, the robot costumes are up for sale. The men's costume fits me well at 6'1" 190lbs. The women's costume is sized for a 5'3" size 12. I know it's short notice for this years Halloween but if someone acts quick, I can ship quick and maybe you can own contest winning one of a kind most amazing robot costumes ever. Maybe your town has box robot army events or maybe you could start your own army of 2 with these!

A few caveats, the costumes have been stored indoors 100% of the time but the steel components were not painted so they have some surface rust (makes for a nice distressed patina). The current state of the costumes requires tying ones self into the costume (with the help of another) which we used bailing wire for. They are large bulky items so shipping will likely be fairly high. Local pickup is available in the Seattle/Tacoma area or maybe "Greyhound Freight" would be a cheap option. 

Make a reasonable offer on the pair and they can be yours! 
<p>hello my name is jared and i was woundering can i buy this from you</p>
<p>Did anyone ever buy these 3 years ago? I'm interested.</p>
Love these so much! So Creative!!!!
How did the robot girl sit down? Did she have to stand the whole time she was in the costume?
Those robots are so cute together! Good job!
brilliant! it reminds me of Rosie, from The Jetsons on cartoon network...classic
Best robot costumes ever.
Thanks for everyone's support. We are working on something special for this year. Should be a good one!
:O ... :O
Supasweet! Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!
Wow! Best costumes ever!!! You guys rock!
I have many things to say about your first rate, creative &amp; off-the-hook ROBOT costumes. <strong>FABULOUS</strong> YO!<br/><br/>Great job onebrokenneck, E &amp; A!!!<br/>
SWEET!!! The Humans are dead!!!
The ROBOTS are alive!
dude, sweet
Beautiful job! Best robot costumes I've seen yet!
Very, very cool job guys. I particularly like the claws. They're a bit 'lost in space'!
Really great... (retro robots rule!)

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