I have always loved the Back to the future trilogy and as soon as i saw the hoverboard i wanted all of the boards. I recently re-watched the films and then thought i wanted to make some boards but 5 of the full size boards would have taken up a lot of space so i decided to make 1/6th scale boards.

This took the size of the boards from 711-863mm to 118- 154mm a much more manageable size.

So this instructable is how i went about making the boards.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.


-Laser cutter (coping saw or jigsaw will work if you don't have a laser cutter)
-File / sand paper.
-scalpel, craft knife
-line bender for plastics.
-drawing software of some sort. (i used adobe illustrator.)


-glossy paper ( to print the decals on)
-double sided sticky paper
-3mm acrylic
-2mm acrulic

-paint (spray paint or acrylic paint will both work fine)

Nice I made my own hoverboard
Awesome! well done. always good to see people making stuff :)
Thanks and yes it is
<p>jush a cool and simple idea</p>
<p>please post stickers </p>
<p>Hello. Fantastic idea !!</p><p>But, i search to have the stickers for printing.</p><p>You have sources ?</p>
How much did that cost you in total? Where can I buy all the materials in Canada?
I'm not sure how much it cost in total as i had all the materials already in scrap etc. it shouldn't cost more than &pound;20, And i have no idea where you can buy the materials in Canada as im from the UK. you could try googling it?
I love BTTF, these are really nice!
Can I buy 1
It would be so easy to make that thing hover, just fit an airtight tarp to the bottom, add a (small) leafblower, a lipo, and a (smallish) fan, cut the holes it the tarp to create an air cushion (you'll have to cut a zone of holes for each side). Just put the fan on a hinge and add a dowel for steering, or a servo and a remote control if you want to look completely badass.
well that would make a full sized board but these are 118mm in length so they are about 10x smaller than a small leaf blower. :)
Yaay there is a shortage of instructables in this!
or so! I also made ​​new
Wow! Great Build.
When are you planning to implement hover technology? :D

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