How to build scale Hoverboards from Back to the future.

Picture of How to build scale Hoverboards from Back to the future.
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I have always loved the Back to the future trilogy and as soon as i saw the hoverboard i wanted all of the boards. I recently re-watched the films and then thought i wanted to make some boards but 5 of the full size boards would have taken up a lot of space so i decided to make 1/6th scale boards.

This took the size of the boards from 711-863mm to 118- 154mm a much more manageable size.

So this instructable is how i went about making the boards.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials.

Picture of Tools and Materials.

-Laser cutter (coping saw or jigsaw will work if you don't have a laser cutter)
-File / sand paper.
-scalpel, craft knife
-line bender for plastics.
-drawing software of some sort. (i used adobe illustrator.)


-glossy paper ( to print the decals on)
-double sided sticky paper
-3mm acrylic
-2mm acrulic

-paint (spray paint or acrylic paint will both work fine)

Step 2: Research and study.

Picture of Research and study.
First off its time to do an internet search or watch the film and do some screen grabbing to find some good images of the board or boards you want to make.

There are literally hundreds on google. 

once you have the screen grabs or internet pictures you can get to designing your boards.

Step 3: Plans and Designs.

Picture of Plans and Designs.
Once you have decided which board you want to make start doing some plan making.

Take  the images you found and work out the outline shapes of each design.

Then do some plans for the hover pads.

The basic design for the hover pads are identical on each hoverboard, then each one has little clips which are different and are painted different. 

Once the plans have been drawn its time to work on the designs of each board.

Using the images draw out some image file to use as the decals for the boards.
Print out the images you have drawn up and stick them on to some double sided sheet, then cut them out.
casperdj7775 months ago

please post stickers

Merbal1 year ago

Hello. Fantastic idea !!

But, i search to have the stickers for printing.

You have sources ?

How much did that cost you in total? Where can I buy all the materials in Canada?
backwards lamb (author)  MermaidTanya2 years ago
I'm not sure how much it cost in total as i had all the materials already in scrap etc. it shouldn't cost more than £20, And i have no idea where you can buy the materials in Canada as im from the UK. you could try googling it?
I love BTTF, these are really nice!
like a g2 years ago
Can I buy 1
austech2 years ago
It would be so easy to make that thing hover, just fit an airtight tarp to the bottom, add a (small) leafblower, a lipo, and a (smallish) fan, cut the holes it the tarp to create an air cushion (you'll have to cut a zone of holes for each side). Just put the fan on a hinge and add a dowel for steering, or a servo and a remote control if you want to look completely badass.
backwards lamb (author)  austech2 years ago
well that would make a full sized board but these are 118mm in length so they are about 10x smaller than a small leaf blower. :)
Epic 8 mm 2 years ago
Yaay there is a shortage of instructables in this!
vietptq2 years ago
or so! I also made ​​new
Grissini2 years ago
Wow! Great Build.
frenzy2 years ago
When are you planning to implement hover technology? :D