The Quickplayer Extreme is a Propellerpowered Gaming System.

It provides a lot of retro gaming fun as well as provide a great way to get into game and microcontroller programming. 

This Instructable will teach you how to assemble this Open Source product or build your own from scratch as all the schematics are provided each step of the way!   There are many great "retro" video games which already available for the Propellerpowered Quickplayer as well as tutorials to teach you how to make your own games!   There is even a forum dedicated to game creation for the Propeller.

Because the Quickplayer Extreme is based on the Parallax Propeller (It uses a Parallax Quickstart board as it's CPU) the programs are written in the Propeller's native language of Spin and more recently in C.

I'll teach you how to assemble the Quickplayer (or help you build your own DIY version) and load some games.

Trying to find this product?   The Quickstart and Quickplayer are  available as a kit on Tindie!  

Let's get started!

Step 1: Required Parts

The Quickplayer Extreme product plugs into the Propeller Quickstart board.

The required parts to build the Quickplayer are:
  • 3 1.1k resistors (brown, brown, red)
  • 1 560 ohm resistors (green, blue, brown)
  • 1 270 ohm resistors (red, purple, brown)
  • 2 4.7k resistors (yellow, purple, red)
  • 1 reset switch
  • 2 10uf Electrolytic capacitors
  • 2 0.1uf capacitors
  • 1 40pin mail pin header
  • 3 RCA Jacks
  • 1 QuickplayerExtreme PCB

If you are using this instructions to build your own from scratch, a Quickstart board (available at your local Radio Shack) is still a good way to start, and the RCA connections for video and audio could easily be created from three male RCA cables with the one end cut off.   I'll give you the schematics for each section as we go forward so your DIY Quickplayer Extreme will work as well as the commercial version.  (That's the power of Open Source!)

<p>Eu n&atilde;o entendi , se eu mont&aacute;-lo da imagem j&aacute; posso come&ccedil;ar a jogar os jogos ?</p>
There are a handful of games already created which can be played immediately after assembly. They are available on our website in the &quot;SOFTWARE LIBRARY&quot;.
Great man! <br>Congratulations!
Great man! <br>Congratulations!
WOW! this is amazing! Have to make my own now :P I'm a big fan of retro gaming and this is a must have!

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