Necessity, the mother of inspiration.
A full two weeks before black Friday, my wife starts asking her sisters if they have any ideas on Christmas presents for their kids, so we can have the gift list ready for buying.
This year, one of my sisters-in-law asked if I could possibly make a pair of identical kids chairs.

The reason for this was one of those “It will come back to hunt you” gifts I made two years ago.
For our niece’s birthday, I made her a small chair and desk.

Without knowledge or intention, I had sowed the seeds of sibling rivalry.

It was a great success, but it also generated a problem: her little brother fought her constantly for the chair.
So for that Christmas, my sister-in-law asked it I could make a chair and desk for him.
Since I built the first chair and desk “by ear” I didn’t have a set of plans to build a second set. So the next set turned out a bit different from the first.

In the end, what happens is that both kids always want the SAME chair, so that’s why my sister-in-law wanted an identical set for presents this year.

Roughly at the same time, our son migrated his homework work area from the dining room table to my wife’s home office. The space is small, so he ends up doing his work sitting on the floor and using a small portable bed table as a work surface.
He really dislikes working like that, but he wants to be close to mommy, so now he also needs a small table and chair.
With all this building to do, I thought that maybe a better idea was to build a chair/desk combo, something like a school desk.


I'm entering the plusDuo in the Design Competition. If you like it, feel free to vote for me. The mac and the laser cutter would be put to great use for many a future Instructables :D

this needs an Arduino. :)

So it took me while to figure out what makes the desk remain level. Is it really just the sliding latch? It seems like the leverage of the big desk surface would overcome the small latch pretty quickly. Have you had any requests for upgrades from the end users?

This is a great looking and simple design.

urant (author)  justbennett1 year ago


Well, the latch works really well and we haven't had a problem yet. My kids still love them and use them every day for homework and to sit and play board games on a ikea LACK table; turns out they're "hight compatible".

What I have been asked to do is a adult size chair. Hopefully I'll be able to find enough time this year to build one :D

I like it
groovymama1 year ago
These are so cute!
Very cool
dossesc2 years ago
Nice design and best instructable. Think shouldnt be dificult to scale it up to fit bigger kids. Why do you use so many nails and none screw? Congratulations!
urant (author)  dossesc1 year ago
well, speed of build was a big factor. Nails plus glue are a lot faster than screws.
urant (author)  urant1 year ago
And no, it would not be difficult at all to scale to any size you want. Just print the template out to the size you want and use it as a cutting guid.
tongxi2 years ago
The design is very fun!
urant (author)  tongxi1 year ago
thank you :D
ccherry2 years ago
Fun design. I'm thinking this needs to be scaled up for me to use as a patio chair and occasional laptop desk.
urant (author)  ccherry2 years ago
As a mater of fact, two people have asked me for "grown up" versions. The first is a friend who lives in Europe (where in most cases space is tight) and a second for an outside chair that could be used for barbeques
Urant, awesome instructable...the design process and mock-ups are super. Intend to use as an example for my PLTW Intro to Engineering Design class. Wife pinned it for my Things-To-Do list for grandchildren.
urant (author)  desperado dave2 years ago
I just visited the PLTW webpage.
I'm overwhelmed and deeply honored that you would even consider using my Instructable as an example for you class.

Thank you, thank you
urant (author)  desperado dave2 years ago
You just made my day!!
Hope your grandchildren get there plusDuo soon :D
Maybe you could post a pic of your chairs when they're done.
TyrleY2 years ago
wow I am jealous for such a great idea and execution. wonderful job. certainly would be interested in such nursery furniture for children having a great
urant (author)  TyrleY2 years ago
Thank you! You know, ZaneEricB is also thinking about making some plusDuo's for a kinder garden.
doodlecraft2 years ago
Totally adorable! Nice work and expertly detailed plans! :) I want to be that sister in law that benefits from all your hard work! :) hee hee
urant (author)  doodlecraft2 years ago
Thanks! I do try to be a good uncle and brother in law :D
ezman2 years ago
Incredible, I have been finalizing my chair instructable. You beat me to the quick. Nice design, great job.
urant (author)  ezman2 years ago
Thanks! w
What's you 'tribl's name?
urant (author)  urant2 years ago
Sorry, A bit crytpical. What's your chair instructables name?
ezman urant2 years ago
I haven't chosen one yet. That is one of the things that needed to be finalized. I think though, I will go my alternate instructable. I can submit my chair another time. Best success with your plusDuo kid's chair/desk.
urant (author)  ezman2 years ago
Thank you!
ZaneEricB2 years ago
Very awesome design! I think I'll have to make a few of these for my wife's calssroom... Thanksman!
urant (author)  ZaneEricB2 years ago
Really hope you do!! my kids and nephews love them!