Picture of How to build your Modular Vibrating Robot

Electronics + LEGO + sugru

Modular Vibrating Robot !


Since a couple of years I have been playing with the wonderful HEXBUG, but I started to get frustrated by the
- Shape and size : That I wasn't able to change.
- Power : the HEXBUGS are great but not very powerful little robots, I was interested in power application
- Modularity : I love modularity and the capacity of changing / tweaking things.
I was looking for a way to make something like HEXBUG, but modular and extendable...

Sugru is great for that : 
- It maintains the small elements as I solder them
- It sticks to everything (pretty much) Electronics + LEGO, easy. 
- Keeps my circuit / cables tidy and short-circuit proof. 
- Great at connecting vibrating elements (my motor provides 6G, that's many more times more vibration than the HEXBUG)
- Makes my tiny robot super strong
- If I am not happy with the robot, I can cut sugru and recycle the parts. 

This instructables was made at TechShop SF for sugru.com by Cesar Harada

So, Let's get started !!!
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
Parts -- 
Total budget parts : 9.8 GBP | 9.65 USD  /  per vibrating block. You can get cheaper if you make a few of them :)

  • Soldering irons
  • Stripping pliers 
  • Pliers
  • Tissue paper to clean your fingers off sugru
LEGO HEXBUG!!!how awesome
Misac-kun2 years ago
Pretty criative and inovative! some kind of poor man's mindstorm lego series.