Picture of How to build your own Jet Engine
You don't have to be Jay Leno to own a jet powered motorcycle, and we will show you how to make your own jet enigne right here to power your wacky vehicles. This is an ongoing project, and plenty of additional info will be available on our website soon. See the full build at http://www.badbros.net

This information is brought to you by Bad Brothers Racing and Gary's Jet Journal

Warning! Building your own jet engine can be dangerous. We highly suggest that you take all appropriate safety precautions when dealing with machinery, and use extreme care while operating jet engines. Serious injury or death can occur while operating a jet turbine engine in close proximity, due to explosive fuels and moving parts. Extreme amounts of potential and kinetic energy are stored in operating engines. Always use caution and good judgment while operating engines and machinery, and wear appropriate eye and hearing protection. Neither Bad Brothers Racing or Gary's Jet Journal accept any liability for your use or misuse of the information contained herein.
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Step 1: Come up with a basic design for your engine

Picture of Come up with a basic design for your engine
I started the build process of my engine with a design in Solid Works. I find it much easier to work this way, and creating parts using CNC machining processes turns out a much nicer end result. The main thing I like about using the 3D process is the ability to see how the parts will fit together before fabrication, so that I can make changes before spending hours on a part. This step is really not neccesary, as anyone with decent drawing skills can sketch out the design on the back of an envelope rather quickly. When trying to fit the entire engine into the final project, the jet bike, it will certainly help a lot.

I would also suggest that to get the best answer to questions if you are attempting to build a jet engine or turbine based project, subcribing to a user group is the way to go. The years of combined experience from various users proves invaluable, and I am a regular on the Yahoo Groups DIY Gas Turbines forum.
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MarcusF6 months ago

okay i know this sounds stupid but im wanting to make a real working ironman suit but i need to know how to make to turbine small enough to fit the hand and feet so my suit can fly. i need some help. more or less hands on help.

JohnP59 MarcusF3 hours ago

idk if you could fly, but there are lots of people who have built Iron Man's blaster thingies

km123 MarcusF21 hours ago
Use plasma engines
RedKobra MarcusF22 hours ago

Watch this:


jay4123 MarcusF1 month ago
Im pretty sure iron man doesnt yse simple turbine engines for his advance suit,one if the engines where that small it would not work and two in the movie he has flew in space and water.

It's not real... It's a movie. Special effects, photoshop, cgi...

Gesh, next people will think the cgi effects used by Nasa for the planets and all are reall on the spot photos...

T0BY jay412318 days ago
I can see no advantage of having thrusters mounted in the hands and feet; it would make the hands of the suit clumsy and not very good at other tasks. It would also be impossible to control. Central on the back is the best place for a thruster, out of the way.

Based on the reply from the aircraft guy, I would suggest you add a hook to the back of the suit and using relatively invisible line, simply hoist the man in the suit into the air for your YouTube Video. You can use software to edit out the lines just like they do in the movies. Iron man really doesn't fly its done with greenscreen and cables with very good editing.

Get some fireworks to create the illusion of rocket power and there you go. Up, up in the air. Its Iron man....

Sorry to say, but you'll never be able to make it actually fly (for a couple of reasons). First off, if you make the turbines small enough to fit in your palm (literally), then they would not have nearly enough power to lift you off the ground. Second, Jet Engines produce huge amounts of heat, and so you would have singed hands if you ever tried. Also, Jet Engines need a large amount of air traveling (more or less) in a linear direction, so unless you have a large hole in your hand to allow air to enter the turbines, you would have a lot of trouble pumping through enough air. Lastly, unlike in the movies, controlling flight with the center of thrust(s) being the ends of your limbs is really difficult. Really cool idea though :)

This is actually wrong, anything is possible. The trick is having he lines stronge enoguh to support the pressure. As long as lift exceeds weight yo have flight. With .1% of atmospheric change you get 212 lbs of lift. Do with as you will!

Listen, I work on an aircraft that has one VERY large augmented jet engine (F110-GE-100), with a maximum thrust of 28,000 lbs and a dry weight of roughly 4,000 lbs (no fuel). 28,000/4,000 = 7. That is a Thrust to weight ratio of 7:1. For the purposes of math, the average (looks like most of us are men) male weighs ~180lbs plus the weight of the suit, lets say at least 80 lbs. Therefore (180 + 80 = 260) lbs / 7 = ~37 lbs for the engine running at MAX not factoring in the weight of the engine in the suit, the thrust necessary to sustain flight with fuel onboard or protective equipment given that the turbine inlet temperature can hit 1510 degrees Celsius. Using the same ratio applied to my jet. This engine will consume ~78 lbs of fuel per 1 flying hour (NOT AUGMENTED/NO BURNER) (78/6.7=11.6G*3.62(for FY2014)=$42/hr). The added weight of fuel will bump your engine size up to roughly 48 lbs (for 1 hr flight time). And thus, you will be putting a 180lbs man in a 80(suit)+48(eng)+78(fuel<1hr)=206lbs for the whole suit minus the pilot, safety equipment, the ACTUAL size of the engine given that I got lazy with my math earlier, and no flight controls (fly straight until you hit something). There is much more but you get the picture. The total weight with all of these things would weigh ~300-350lbs, which makes it impractical given that the pilot probably cannot hold it up.

All that being said, you would be better off using an external combustion engine (chemical rocket engine), or you could do humanity a HUGE solid and start researching/developing a more efficient hall effect thruster. But please, for your's and everyone else's safety, please don't actually try to make an Iron Man suit. Failure to comply may result in injury or death to personnel.

I don't think it is stupid and not possible. And, it doesn't have to be the same as the movies. It needs a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm. I don't have too much aerodynamic knowledge but I could join you if u r serious.
Charles4814 hours ago

This thing is so far beyond the capability of 99.99% of instructable-types (including me). But I just love reading creative "logic" especially when it seems so Rube Golberg-ish. Colossal entrainment! Thanks!

H2Okee15 hours ago

Curious about the weight to thrust ration? Wondering if a small light weight version could be made safe enough to fit inside a 800 lb glider and used as a sustainer engine.

Excuse me but the web site: http://icdn4.digitaltrends.com/image/2015-mercedes-benz-gla45-amg-rear-spoiler-2-1500x1000.jpg-- does NOT belong in my writings. I was trying to cut n paste. and it did NOT cut, but it pasted a photo of a Mercedes AMG. Sorry

Oh my good LORD !! Wouldn't it be totally awesome if we ALL had jet turbine engines? They run on practically anything combustible (like the Chrysler gas turbine of 1965//Leno's got one.) No phttp://icdn4.digitaltrends.com/image/2015-mercedes-benz-gla45-amg-rear-spoiler-2-1500x1000.jpgistons, rods, crank, rings, camshaft, lifters pushrods, rocker arms, valve springs, valves oil seals NONE OF THAT. A simple gas turbine and NO it's NOT THE MAZDAAAAH Wankel either. Check out the sites--wow!

blkadder16 hours ago

There is a guy who built what has to be the most intricate turbo jet engine. His site is www.rcdon.com. Check it out if you are looking to build one of these.

kizi4juegos18 hours ago

These incidents modern machine needs a skilled engineer team a great team of workers.


friv 8.png
JaredE19 hours ago

This instructable is from 2006. No wonder the links are dead. This one should be canned...

ShannonO219 hours ago

Just tried the links and videos at the bottom of the 'structable, no go. The sites have both gone dark and are now place holders and the videos are messed up, VLC wouldn't even show the videos - so be wary. The build however looks impressive.

I am trying (somehow) to put this together with a waveboard to make it hover at least a foot. can anyone help?
f=ma my friend. it is the most important thing you will ever learn.
I'm assuming that f = either force or fuel. m = mass. what is a?
force = mass * acceleration. Newton's second law of motion.

Gravity should be included in the calculation. Newton wasn't in touch with gravity in space or black holes, etc.

i thought it was the third law of motion?
Nope, it's the second law:

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton's_laws_of_motion

Second law: A body of mass m subject to a force F undergoes an acceleration a that has the same direction as the force and a magnitude that is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass, i.e., F = ma. Alternatively, the total force applied on a body is equal to the time derivative of linear momentum of the body

you are right, but never, never ever ever quote Wikipedia

ridalyn Rebreg11 months ago

That quote is a verbatim quote from my college physics textbook which predates Wikipedia by about 30 years.

force = mass X acceleration
How is this project coming?
115 lbs of me, plus at least that much in fuel and engine, not enough power to hover..... :(
Power to weight.
Fuel weighs a lot, engines more. You could, but check the price tag....
ridalyn11 months ago

A note about aluminum, as the creators of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle can attest, when exposed to high combustion temperatures, it creates extremely toxic (read FATAL) gases. Be very careful if you intend to use aluminum for any of the core components of your jet turbine engine.

The British battleship in the Falkans war was made from aluminum. Probably the last one, ever...

How big would this be? Also how much thrust would you get? I was thinking about turning this into a jet pack or something?

Majestic fail video in the making...

check out my post im planning to build a jet powered ultralight and incase your wandering yes yes i am indeed a mad man
read my reply sir. basically you would be wasting money and time on that. for the purpose of jet flight on an ultralight, you'd want to go with the largest engine JetCat makes, and install 2 of them to power the ultralight.
JohnS1071 month ago

Magnesium parts are lighter

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