Step 1: Come up with a basic design for your engine

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I started the build process of my engine with a design in Solid Works. I find it much easier to work this way, and creating parts using CNC machining processes turns out a much nicer end result. The main thing I like about using the 3D process is the ability to see how the parts will fit together before fabrication, so that I can make changes before spending hours on a part. This step is really not neccesary, as anyone with decent drawing skills can sketch out the design on the back of an envelope rather quickly. When trying to fit the entire engine into the final project, the jet bike, it will certainly help a lot.

I would also suggest that to get the best answer to questions if you are attempting to build a jet engine or turbine based project, subcribing to a user group is the way to go. The years of combined experience from various users proves invaluable, and I am a regular on the Yahoo Groups DIY Gas Turbines forum.
you should put a link to download your solid works design
totimothy6 years ago
Any software can help me to design the engine?(I want the software which is safe and free)
u should try alibr design xpress
try using Blender, its a 3D modelling software and its actually pretty good and its free. heres a link, its safe: http://www.salvatoreaiello.com/main.shtml: this guy is making jte engines and has a link to download this freeware program from the official website, just scroll down a little
r there any other safe free 3d software options?
there is alibre design whic i give information on at plans.webstarts.com and there is also google sketchup 7 and pro
technoguy945 years ago
A jet bike? Is is actually safe to ride, or is it just kind of for the coolness of it?
no its fun to ride on
Armyb0y7 years ago
If anybody has an idea for my comment please email me at carronrobert@yahoo.com, or try robert.carron@us.army.mil thanks army.
Basicly you would need to separate the two parts of the turbo and find a way to stick the combustion chamber in the middle of them. Thats how a turbine is arranged. Of course way more complex
noahdsmith6 years ago
hi, could you send me the solidworks plans of your engine please? thanks.
Armyb0y7 years ago
Lets suppose that designing a jet bike was the key thing to design, what if i wanted to make a model jet with full capabilities. I would need to find a way to greatly condense the engine posted. Jet length maxes at 6ft. with a wing span of 5ft.
you would need to make a linear jet turbine, not a tubojet engine like what is discribed here. its still the same principal, you just have to think it over a fair bit more.