Step 2: Get yourself a turbo charger and hide away in the garage building your insane jet powered contraption!

Picture of Get yourself a turbo charger and hide away in the garage building your insane jet powered contraption!
Use care when selecting your turbocharger! You need a large turbo with a single (non-divided) turbine inlet. The bigger the turbo, the more thrust your finished engine will produce. I like the turbos off of large diesel engines and earth moving equipment. The use of one of these turbos will yield enough thrust output to move a vehicle of some sort pretty well. It is best to buy a rebuilt unit if possible. Ebay is the way to go here, as you can really save some money.

As a general rule, it is not so much the size of the whole turbo as it is the size of the inducer that matters. The inducer is the visible area of the compressor blades that can be seen when looking at the turbo's compressor with the covers (housings) on. Looking at the turbo here will show that the air inlet is quite large at almost 5 inches in diamter, while the visible blades of the inducer are only 3 inches in diameter. This is plenty for creating enough thrust to drive a mini motorcycle, go kart, or other small vehicle.

The turbo in the picture is a Cummins ST-50 off of a big 18 wheeler truck.
aryanchopda3 years ago
hey, can anyone tell me what kind of fuel injector have to use in it?, and what kind of igniter have to use? And how we can buy or make them??? And also can there is any formulas to exactly calculate the size of combustion chamber containing flame tube. If anyone has info please send me.
dciocoiu6 years ago
where on earth did you get your hands on an turbocharger?
how are you able to type?
122699 dciocoiu5 years ago
you have about a hundred u can choose from on google
razor71774 years ago
does the turbo charger comes with a single unit...or a double unit....?
kikazz5 years ago
you should make more instructables
mudler6 years ago
okay now I have question on the divided non-divided thing.if I use a divided turbo charger will the amount of thrust acordent to the fuel and burn decrease there for my acceleration ultimately becomes less and more of a hastle or will there be no difrence.also does size make a difrence or is it simply nothing at all because I'm building a tiny little gocart thing and I want the powerXweigt=thrust ratio to be correct so I don't kill my self
supraman6 years ago
Can anyone tell me why it must have a non divided inlet? If I have one with a divided inlet can I just machine out the divider? Thanks