How to Build Your Own ORGASMATRON (or Headscraper)

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Introduction: How to Build Your Own ORGASMATRON (or Headscraper)

Help your brain to think faster relaxing your mind!
With this tool you can reset your stress-meter and continue your work, whatever it is.
It takes about 1-2 hour of work, but you will never mourn this time!
e.g. I decided to build this tool after three hours of intensive c++ programming...

I don't know why it is called orgasmatron but I think because th first time you try it you have an electric hail all over your body and an intense pleasure..

BE CAREFUL!! The iron thread shouldn't give pleasure to your eyes if it pierce them!!
Stay in warning when you handle the wire and wear glasses if you are unsure..

Step 1: What You Need

To build your own orgasmatron you need a few struments. Here they are:
- Iron thread: the most elastic thread you find. Choose an elastic one, but also the less malleable. It should looks like a spring. I found a reel of 1mm diameter iron thread in my garage :)
- Pincers: heavy one works better with fat thread.
- Meter: You need to measure maximum 20 centimeters, so a office meter should work properly. Mine is sponsored by my brother.
- An handle.
- Glue: Epoxy glue if better, but I haven't it at home so I used normal bricolage glue.
- Pliers: They aren't indispensable but can be useful sometimes.
- A head: You will see after...

Step 2: Cut the Iron Thread

For this instructable you will need 16 pieces of iron thread. Eight pieces long 20cm and another eight long 17cm.
Keep the pieces straight to measure well and avoid mistakes.
This step is boring but you should pay attention to the length of the pieces because the relaxing action of the orgasmatron is powerful when the "tentacle" works together.

Step 3: Bend Your Iron Pieces

Now you need to bend your iron pieces to have a preview of the final work.
Bend the in a sort of long L shape. The short leg should be 5cm long.
English is not my primary language, so watch the figure to understand better.
You can easily bend all your pieces, long and short, because the 5cm long leg will be boxed in the handle.

Step 4: Shape the Iron on Your Head!!

Everyone has a head in the garage or in the attic...we know...
Center the angle between the long and the short leg of your iron thread on the center of your head and bend the long leg with the shape of your head.
I suggest to make a sample and bend the other 15 pieces on it. I hurt my head after the second bend..

Step 5: Prep the Handle

Drill 2 series of hole on the flat face of the handle.
I used 1mm diameter thread so i made 1mm holes. The outer series is for long pieces and the internal is for short pieces.
The internal and the external series are out of phase between each other, as you can see in the image below.

Step 6: Glue ALL!!

Glue the pieces of iron thread into the holes. The internal ring of holes is for shorter pieces and the external for long pieces.
Remember to use epoxy glue. Mine (that is glued with normal glue) is going to lost all the tentacles :/

WARNING! do not try the orgasmatron now, indeed the pieces of iron are very sharp! See the next step!

Step 7: Save Your Head Skin

Add some rounded things to the massaging part of the tentacles. I glued a BB ammo on each thread.
If you wouldn't lost all the afternoon to drill 1mm holes in BB you can file the sharpen ends and bend the in a 0 shape, helping you with the pliers.
Do not forget this step or your skin will look as a mad cat decided to see what contains your head!



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    The most interesting and funny explained work.¬°Congratulations! "Everyone has a head in the garage or in the attic...we know..." jajajaja (or in english: hahahaha)

    Your cat looks just like the cat in Alice in Wonderland. :-)

    I remembered seeing an old sci-fi movie where the heroine was tortured in an orgasmatron by some evil professor..LMAO

    CUTE KITTY! Oh and the head scratcher is amazing. I love that you made one.

    I will try using airsoft BBs for the tips, maybe too small thought....we'll see.

    i was woing to buy one... thanks dude

    Looks cool. A faster way could probably be achieved by modifying a large egg beater :)


    Did you mean a whisk?