Step 7: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
Here we are. 
I don't know how many will have the bad idea of make this Keylogger, but, if you really want an homemade (and almost free) solution to log a keyboard, this is what you're searching!
Feel free to comment and ask question about this project :)
Here's a summary video of this project:
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cparida3 years ago
too complicated and not completely free
silveruno3 years ago
well, that would be illegal in my country to use that kind of hardware.
asoo1 silveruno3 years ago
is it illegal if i use it in school computer? :D
Which country is that? They are legal in the UK and US as a means of ensuring no inappropriate use of computers at work. However, these are normally replaced these days by keylogging at the server.
mudasir3 years ago
great job man...
giovino3 years ago
sono molto contento che ci siano altri italiani su questo sito , ottimo progetto