I think that cages for animals are too small to satisify their need of space. Of course, I want the best for my little pet ... so I decided to make a place where she can have some fun and also be safe.
In this instructable, I will show you how to build your own cage for hamster (or for another animal if you want).

Here is a list of the tools that I am going to use :
     - a jigsaw
     - a hand drill
     - a hammer
     - a screwdriver
     - a stapler

And, here is a list of the "building material" :
     - nails
     - screws
     - staples
     - 1m² of linoleum (30,5 x 30,5 cm) to protect planks from urine, and it's so much easier to clean this than wood.
     - 2 planks of MDF/Medium Density Fibreboard (80 x 60 cm). You can choose another type of wood of course; I chose this one because it's cheaper than natural wood, and as resistant.
     - 3 wooden sticks of 2m50 (3 x 3 cm). I chose to take some pine for those; but if you're not taking this kind of wood make sure you're not buying a toxic one.
     - 3 wooden sticks of 2m (3 x 1 cm), made of pine.
     - 2 reinforced corners of 2m50 (2,5 x 2,5 cm), made of pine.
     - 2 reinforced corners of 2m (2 x 2 cm), made of beech. They are going to reinforce the structure and protect the wooden sticks from every attacks. Indeed, your hamster is probably trying to eat the pine so I chose a harder wood for the corners : beech (not toxic either).
     - 5m x 50 cm of steel wine mesh . Make sure you're taking one without paint and close enough that your hamster can't go through but can use it to climb (1 x 1 cm).

Now that I've tools and materials, I'm going to start with the woodwork !

Step 1: The Woodwork.

The basis of the cage is one of the planks made of MDF.
Cut the other one, with the jigsaw, into :
     - 2 planks of 54 x 30 cm,
     - 4 planks of 32 x 3 cm and,
     - 2 other planks of 54 x 10 cm
(If it's not really clear in your mind, step 3 is going to clarify the question).
Stick up the linoleum on the planks, cut it if you need to.

The structure of the cage is made with wooden sticks/batons wood (3 x 3 cm). Cut them, with the jigsaw too, because we need : 
     - 4 sticks of 50 cm,
     - 4 sticks of 47 cm, 
     - 2 sticks of 74 cm, and,
     - 2 sticks of 54 cm.

Then, cut the wooden sticks (3 x 1) into :
    - 2 sticks of 80 cm, and,
    - 2 sticks of 60 cm.
Those ones will be to make a sort of barrier to prevent overflowing of litter.

Cut the reinforced corners in pine of 2m50 (2,5 x 2,5 cm) into :
     - 4 reinforced corners of 47 cm,
     - 2 reinforced corners of 80 cm, and,
     - 2 reinforced corners of 60 cm.
They will add the finishing touches to the cage.

Cut the reinforced corners in beech of 2m (2 x 2 cm) into :
     - 6 reinforced corners of 30 cm, and,
     - 6 reinforced corners of 15 cm.
These ones will protect the wooden sticks inside the cage.

<p>Great Job! My hamie came to us pregnant, and one of the baby boys is growing up to b a very mischievous trouble maker.lol ;) He is a cage bar chewer and unfortunately got his tooth stuck, and yanked himself free:( He injured himself pretty badly and now can only eat soft foods.... lesson learned is that he CAN'T have a wire home!! </p><p>I've been interested in making my own cages for my hamster family- My son and I make lots of DIY toys and Play house's for them ... and yours is perfect plus you made great instructions. And now with our hamster `Perry Masons` accident , this project is absolutely necessary!</p><p>Kudos</p><p>;-)</p>
<p>if your hammy is big on chewing bars/wires you could look into a bin cage, they are solid sided (just add metal mesh to the top of the lid) and usually pass the minimum size requirements</p>
<p>one problem with this is that the bottom is not deep enough, hamsters love to burrow and you didn't make the bottom solid sided to allow for deep enough bedding</p>
Wow thats really cool
SO MUCH nicer than those ugly pet store habitats!! Our son wants a hamster for his upcoming 5th birthday and your instructable is PERFECT! thank you!
Excellent craftsmanship and an awesome gift idea for my youngest child- maybe her gift will be the supplies, your 'ible and Dad's help with building! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Holiday Season!
That's great! What a cute little guy. :)<br /><br />I think you'll get more views if you put a photo of the finished cage as the main image - it's very nice!

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