Step 4: Third step The programing..

Picture of Third step The programing..
Third step The programing.. While the glued dried I started on the program for the Cnc (my homemade computer controlled wood router)..

If you don't have one you can skip this step.

1. I entered all the measurements into my software program. Including the blank size and centered it. I added 1/32 of an inch to each edge for spaceing around the edge so the iPad would fit nicely. Then I offset it .25 to the left because there aren't any buttons on that side. I didn't like the way there were holes around the edge when the book was closed so I modified the edges to hide them as much as possible.

 2. I calculated my tool paths. On this project I started using all of my bits three or 4 times but I kept adjusting and modifying until I got 3 tool changes and all of the tool steps were together.

 3. A tip to save time I left the center as a block. I don't know what I am going to do with the scraps but they are cool.

 4. I left space around the buttons so I could get my fingers in For my hands I needed a half an inch to activate the buttons and be able to plug in and remove the cables and wires.