In this instructable I will be showing you how to build your own long board. To do so you will first need to visit this website below, because it has the templates of various boards.


Once you are at the website choose a board that you like, and identify its code. For example, look at the first picture below and read the comment which is attached to one of the boards. The board that is tagged with the comment is the one I used (st12). Once you know the code, look for its match below the picture (it will be in blue writing),and click on it. Download it in adobe reader and print it out. Follow the instructions on the second and third photo and you will be able to print the template out. It took me a few attempts to get it perfect, you just have to play around with it.

Step 1: Materials Required

-Small finishing nails
-Small clamps
-Large clamps
- 14, nuts
- 14, bolts
- 28, large washers that will fit to the size of your bolts
-Drill or drill press (both would be helpful)
-Drill bits (the same size as you bolts)
-Carpenters glue
-A razor blade or a thin piece of metal (to spread out the glue)
-Fiberglass sheets (up to you, if you think you need it, do it)
-Resin for the fiber glass (up to you, if you think you need it, do it)
-Sand paper
-A large plank of wood
-Three, 2x4
-Two, 1x4
-Two, 1/4 thick sheets of birch wood
-Modeling knife
-Coping saw or a Jig-saw (useful for cutting curves in wood )
-Measuring tape
-A square (to draw straight lines)
-A level
-Extra light would be helpful
-A good safe and clean working area

<p>yup that happened, i made it, been there done that. its great man </p>
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<p>like it,its great thanx</p>
This looks great! I should have all the materials around to do this. One question I have is that it looks like the nose is curved down/opposite of the tail. Is this how it cam out or am I seeing thing?
It should be disk sander, not drum sander. Sorry about that.
I just finished pressing a replica of a David Andretch model, using a press similar to the one here. I used 4 1/8&quot; baltic birch plywood sheets. You can get them in skateboard friendly dimensions at Woodcraft, Rockler, Woodworkers source, and others.<br> <br> Silverfish longboarding doesn't have a template for a David Andretch. However, if you can't find a template pre built, it is easy to make one. Just google the model you want in images. There will probably be an image of one that you can use as a template. Just blow up the image to size using your favorite drawing program.<br> <br> The Andretch is a little trickier than most as it has built-in handrails. I just cut them out of one of the plys before laminating them.<br> <br> A few other notes: Get lots of bar clamps and spring clamps. If you don't have them already you can buy a bunch of cheap ones from harborfreight. I use the bar clamps for the press and the spring clamps to ensure the plywood doesn't delaminate dduring pressing. Also, a drum sander. Lots of places sell these for under $100 and you would not believe how much easier it is to sand the board to shape with one.&nbsp; Make sure you cut the plywood at least an inch larger then the desired demensions as the plywood will move around during lamination.<br> <br> Once I finish sanding it, I'll spray paint the inside of the handrails green and the rest of the board black. After that, I'll put several coats of Minwax polyurethane clearcoat on it. Polyurethane is very tough and should hold up to thrashing. Skateboarders may already be familiar with it. :)<br>
http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/Board_Templates/ <br> <br>Everyone, you're welcome. Just scroll through the pages until you find the template of the board with your &quot;code.&quot;
hahaha yours came out better than mine did!!! looks great!
I've been building boards for about a year and a half, and I just want to point out a couple of things. Your local Lowes/Home Depot/Menards/whatever won't stock the wood. You want to make sure that it is Baltic birch. Your local lumberyard should be able to get some for you. Also, for pressing concave/camber/kicks, 1/8&quot; Baltic birch works much better and will hold the curves better. Also, just this past summer, I got a Roarockit TAP vacuum bag. It makes the mold process so much easier. I can make a foam mold in about half an hour and get everything glued up and in the bag the same day. And, since it gives even pressure over the whole surface of the board, you get much better lamination quality and can use 1/16&quot; material. Also, the Board Building section of Silverfish Longboarding has a wealth of great information.
thanks for the comment! I wanted to do something like what you mentioned but i didnt know where i would have been able to get those vacuum bags. It would work much better too, in either press.
Finished my press today, this is more of a 'quick and dirty' press but I believe it will be just as effective. Thanks for the 'ible!<br>
looks great man!! <br>And no problem, if you got any other questions just ask. I'm just surprised someone followed my instructable ahahahahaha. Make sure you fiberglass your board at least once. I'm actually in the process of making another instructable right now (roller skis) and if you have any ideas on how i could make them strong enough to support someones weight, that would be great! I already fiber glassed them once but they are still pretty flimsy, so i think ill just keep fiber glassing them or should i do something else?
Also here is the progress I have made since last port. I am in the process of sanding. lots of sanding.
Those are really really cool! From the reading I have done I think that two layers of glass should do the trick. What kind of fiberglass are you using? Better quality fiber glass will improve the strength, from what i read. And good luck because those look like they would be fun. :)
Thanks a lot for the instructable, it's been a big help.<br>Questions:<br>-Would it be better to use more ply's of thinner wood?<br>-Are you sure carpenters glue would be the best choice for adhesive? Just curious. <br>
yeah using more ply's of thinner wood would be even better cause they would flex more in the press and carpenters glue is perfect for this project, and sorry about the late reply, i hope it still helps :P
This is very confusing. Maybe there is an easier way to explain yourself. Go here and look for this... Maybe more direct links and you could even take your code and put it into the instructable. Just make sure you give credit towhohadtheoriginal idea. The finished product looks amazing!
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