Although I've made many papercraft models already, I never posted any them here on Instructables yet so here it is! ;o) The parts you need (and these instructions) are available in the LEGO section on my papercraft webpage: http://www.kickme.to/ninjatoes

Step 1: Building the Head

You really don't need many tools to build a papercraft model, just something to cut with and glue. "Pre-shaping" makes everything a lot easier: if you give the 2D paper parts the right shape already before glueing them together, the tension in the paper won't make the parts you just glued together want to come apart again.
Oh my god, It looks exactly like the real thing! COOL!
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! It's not an *exact* sized-up replica of course, but I did try to make it as close as the real Black Knight minifig as possible, without making it *too* difficult to build (it's still probably the most challenging of the papercraft LEGO minifigs I made so far, though...! ;o)

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Bio: Download the parts and instructions to build my papercraft models yourself! ;o)
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