We have all seen the sweet videos on the tube! You know the magical water fountains that seems to "freeze" the water droplets in mid air, or even make them go backwards!

I've been fascinated by these "magical" thingamabobs  for quite some while now, and a couple of days ago I decided to make my very own.

Follow me through fire and flames (no, not really, but through failure and success) and I'll show you how to make one with a reasonable tight budget and with some scavenged parts!


Step 1: The Science behind it

A time fountain is actually an interesting built if you are interested in physics and how your senses work. The whole idea is to "freeze" rapid movement in time with the help of a stroboscopic effect. This is widely used for several purposes ranging from industrial manufacturing to automotive repairs etc..

Sometimes, somethings just happen too fast for us mere humans to see or detect. Take for example a completely dark room, and in that room you have a person standing. The person might be running around, doing all sorts of stuff, but you won't see it, because it's too damn dark! Now imagine that you flash the room with your camera. For a very brief moment, you will se the other person in the room, and then it will be total darkness again...

The thing we trying to do here, is simply flashing the fast motion, but instead of just one flash, we will flash it continually with several flashes per second, and so, we will appear to "freeze" the motion so that our incredible slow eyes and brain can see....

Interesting? Well, lets begin then...  
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can you give me your code <br>i want to try it but i am to lazy to write my own
nicely done, do you have any videos you can share?
Thanks! I have some low res videos for now. But i will uploadsome hi-res videos as fast as I can! Thanks again :)
Thanks! I have some low res videos for now. But i will uploadsome hi-res videos as fast as I can! Thanks again :)

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