Extremely bored one day i decide to see what i can do to entertain myself. I glance over at the entertainment center and noticed my Sega Dreamcast winking at me. Me being me i like to experiment with electronics and see how far i can push things to there max potential. Oh the fun Dreamcast used to bring me. Well its time to bring that fun back in many possible ways. I am NOT responsible for anyone's actions. This is for informational purposes only! Only backup a game if you own the original copy of the game! Now lets see what we need to get started!

Step 1: Why Backup My Game?

Now you can feel a little safer bringing out your games to a friends house. If the disk is lost or broken than that no longer becomes a big problem anymore. You have the original copy at home waiting for you without having to repurchase it!
<p>Anyone know how games bigger than 700MB work to burn, use a bigger disc or use 2 discs? Cause I know some older consoles dont work unless the disc is a certain size ie GameCube.</p>
<p>There is a tool for converting CDI images to readable format for DC to burn to CD-R. It also able to create multigame compilation CDI images:</p><p>https://github.com/ArtemBogush/DreamcastCdiTool</p>
<p>I did this for my dreamcast, but i used a light-scribe CD so that i can burn the cover art on the CD. It worked really well and i don't have to use a sharpie to label my backups.</p>
Can any dreamcast console play burn game's ?
As far as I know yes but I'm not 100% sure. All the ones I've came across have worked fine.
have you played PS1 games on it?...Sweet.....i gotta try it. well the program
Its called Bleemcast or a bleemed game. Not all ps1 games are compatible. U cant just pop in a ps1 game. You have to find bleemed games. Burn em and your good to go! They dont run 100% but they do their job.<br />
well i kinda figured out that much i was just wondering that it could really play PS1 emulators ive seen it play Genesis and Saturn emulators just didnt think it could play Nintindo or Sony,
Yeah it can. There's some videos of bleemcast on youtube. Go take a look.<br />
Thanks for the instructable. I've been looking in to the dreamcast homebrew seen but I couldn't find any helpful tutorials until now.
No problem. Glad to help!<br />
i think i have the Limited edition one or the gamers edition plus SA2.
Disc images aren't called roms, they're called isos. Roms refer more to image files derived from cartridge based mediums. Keep up the good work.
You forgot .nrg files (I've found it used in higher quality repacks) you need nero 5.5.x <br/><br/>Newer and older versions of Nero will not burn dreamcast nrgs properly<br/><br/>Also I HIGHLY recommend a program called <a rel="nofollow" href="http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/?BootDreams">Bootdreams</a>. It avoids the subscription issues involved with using Disk Juggler (burn speed limit, and wait screen before each load) <br/><br/>I might make a guide on this<br/>
Ah right i forgot about that but my main focus was the diskjuggler cdi files because of the ease of burn and little to no failure rate. I forgot all about bootdreams! Oh the memories! As far as the burn speed with diskjuggler its best to burn at the slowest possible speed to avoid errors. The demo version gives you the lowest speed and as per the 7 second wait well.... ill wait 7 seconds.

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