How to Bury Yourself.





Introduction: How to Bury Yourself.

Simple steps on how to bury your avatar below ground level.

Step 1: Rez a Prim.

Rez a cube or a cylinder.

Step 2: Stretch Prim.

Stretch the prim to its maximum length of 10m.

Step 3: Sit on It.

Right click on the top surface of the prim and select 'Sit here' to sit on the top.

Step 4: Rotate the Prim.

Rotate the prim 180 degrees so that your avatar is facing downwards.

Step 5: Move the Prim Down.

Move the prim downwards into the ground to hide yourself.
You can then move it sideways to 'creep' around without others seeing your avatar.

Step 6: Change the Texture of the Prim.

If the butt end of the prim shows up in certain places, you can change the prim texture to something totally transparent to make it harder to spot.



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    Hey, did you guys see his post about how to lock your avitar in a glass coffin underwater wearing handcuffs and escape in less than 30 seconds?


    I would recommend a statement clarifying that this is a Second Life trick.

    I would recommend changing the title to reflect this

    Phew! I thought this was an instructable on how to bury yourself alive. Glad that's not it.

    so if you bury yourself, is the game over?

    There is no game over in SL. Even if you die (which isnt likely since only greifers and people in weapons sims will hurt you) you always come back to life. And to Cottonteil: THANK YOU I WAS LOOKING FOR A WAY TO DO THIS! great timing.

    note: this will not work in places where building is disabled.

    hey, don't people still see u on the local radar? why not just use an invisibility script?