Picture of How to bypass Windows XP login passwords from scratch
This is my first instructable, so don't be too hard on me.
This instructable basically sums up most of the login bypassing methods posted on Instructables.

Step 1: The golden disclaimer

Picture of The golden disclaimer
First, the standard disclaimer that goes with any good Instructable: This is to be used for instructional purposes only, and I am not liable for any damage or destruction to you or your computer that may occur from attempting this Instructable. In other words, if you delete your registry or mess with a school computer and get arrested, it's not my fault. And don't use this to get into someone else's computer either.*cough*

Step 2: The easy part

Picture of The easy part
Ok, now to start.
If you have a login page like the one in the intro, go to step 2. If you have a login page like this one, it should be relatively easy to get into. Unless the default administrator account has been changed, all you have to do is type "Administrator" or "administrator" as the user name and the password will be either blank or "password". Then press "OK" and you should be in.

Step 3: The nastier part

Picture of The nastier part
If you have a fancy windows login page, things are a little more annoying. First, click "shut down" to shut down the computer. Then turn it back on. As soon as the screen turns on, press and hold F8. After about 10 seconds, a boot options menu will pop up.

Step 4: Safe mode

Picture of Safe mode
Now, in the menu, which should look like the picture below, select safe mode and press enter. It will show a whole bunch of gobbleygook for quite a while, (which you don't need to know anything about)and then it will bring you to the login page. This time though, there should be an account named "administrator". Click it, and either type "password" or nothing, whichever one works. If you don't get in after that, you're bummed.

Step 5: The guest account method

Picture of The guest account method
If nothing so far has worked, but there is a non-passworded guest account, you may have hope yet.
Go into the guest account, click the start menu, click run, and then type in "cmd". A black window should pop up.
Then, after typing "net user administrator *" , press enter and you will be given directions to create a new password for the administrator. After typing in the new password, press enter and close the window. Log off, then get into the administrator account with the new password.

Step 6: If you get stuck

If you try this and it says "access denied", you're out of luck. :(
(If its got security, you probably shouldn't be in it anyway.)

Well, that's the end. I hope this was useful, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.
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it worked thanks guy

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Thank you.... I had the simple login screen.... administrator worked for me.

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rarora32 years ago
Bypass Window's Password Security ?
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ranm7 years ago
In XP Pro, if you have fast user switch turned on, you could just press ctrl+alt+del two times.
vaiden ranm7 years ago
lol, Exactly. Another fun way to do this is to have a moment alone with the PC while it is logged in to any Administrative account. Then press windows+R to open the run box. Now type controluserpasswords2. Now feel free to blank or change any account password on the computer.
shtihl vaiden3 years ago
control userpasswords2 (just so you know correct format)
syons shtihl3 years ago
Why not use Windows xp Password reset disk, it is free! Or recover Windows XP password with Windows Password Rescuer, it also can be used to reset Windows 7 password if you forgot Windows 7 password.
zaroc syons3 years ago
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syons zaroc3 years ago
Maybe this article also say about Windows XP password reset.
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jmartin473 years ago
sounds like u no lot bout computers juss gettin in2 them myself but real reason i got expensive computer password all kinds of sercurity need to get in hit me up if no peace
I think you guys have forgotten that we're supposed to be discussing how to bypass Windows XP login passwords from scratch, not Windows and Vista popularity contests. Anyhoo, is it possible to get into an account without using command prompt? The school set a password on a user account that used to be open to everyone. Now my saved stuff is locked in it.
I would recommend talking to the school staff about it. They could probably help you. If not, you could try to look at other instructables on using Ophcrack or such, but I don't reccomend it as I've had bad experiences with my school and computers before.
don't do this. google: UBCD4Win. It is awesome. Full ntfs reading/writing. Just boot away; and take back your files, leaving no trace.
The UBCD4WIN program is lame enough. Installs after many "what if" questions, then when run won't take Windows 7 ultimate 64 or Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 or find files. Too complicated to try and guess how to use it or get it to find files it needs
ascontracts6 years ago
Ok, my computer goes straight to this page after starting it, but the default administrator account was changed. my user name always loads up with this page but no longer have the password for it and I just cant seem to bypass the system in anyway... Any suggestions or am I s.o.l.? Thanks, Adam
O.K., open Command prompt(if you don't know how to do this, or if your computer has it blocked, send me a message, and I can tell you how) then, type "net user"(without the quotations), and press enter. it should give you a list of users, and you should be able to tell which one you want, if you can't, try each one.
acranford jbv64 years ago
i dont know how to do that
rbailey11 jbv66 years ago
OK i used the net user idea, but i still dont have the password for the users. how do i bypass them????
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Windows sucks - Try getting into a linux box. I'm running fedora core 5 (yea I know its old, but it works) I don't get viruses and I'm waaaay more secure. The box said vista or BETTER, so I installed LINUX!!!
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