Step 2: The easy part

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Ok, now to start.
If you have a login page like the one in the intro, go to step 2. If you have a login page like this one, it should be relatively easy to get into. Unless the default administrator account has been changed, all you have to do is type "Administrator" or "administrator" as the user name and the password will be either blank or "password". Then press "OK" and you should be in.
ascontracts7 years ago
Ok, my computer goes straight to this page after starting it, but the default administrator account was changed. my user name always loads up with this page but no longer have the password for it and I just cant seem to bypass the system in anyway... Any suggestions or am I s.o.l.? Thanks, Adam
O.K., open Command prompt(if you don't know how to do this, or if your computer has it blocked, send me a message, and I can tell you how) then, type "net user"(without the quotations), and press enter. it should give you a list of users, and you should be able to tell which one you want, if you can't, try each one.
acranford jbv64 years ago
i dont know how to do that
rbailey11 jbv66 years ago
OK i used the net user idea, but i still dont have the password for the users. how do i bypass them????
moraalex966 years ago
I need to do this from a guest account. anyone know how?