Step 5: The guest account method

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If nothing so far has worked, but there is a non-passworded guest account, you may have hope yet.
Go into the guest account, click the start menu, click run, and then type in "cmd". A black window should pop up.
Then, after typing "net user administrator *" , press enter and you will be given directions to create a new password for the administrator. After typing in the new password, press enter and close the window. Log off, then get into the administrator account with the new password.
3r1c8y7 years ago
on my guest account it when i execute the net user administrator * command and type in the password and confirm it, it says:
system error 5 has occured.

access is denied.

any way around this??
jbv6 3r1c8y6 years ago
thats what happened to me too, i think its because the guest account is not an admin
dllhacker jbv64 years ago
if you cannot run command prompt on limited users or guest accounts just open notepad, and type in start. save it as cmd.bat and open it and it should open up command prompt. if it isn't that being the problem, then it is most likely the ophcrack thing they described above.
Vennus6 years ago
can you give me an example ? i don't understand the instructions :D
Guest account is of less access... and not at all works for cmd net user administrator...... can some other body give us sme other ideas!!!
Stanislaw7 years ago
most guest accounts do not have the access requirements to make changes using the command prompt If you really want to get in to windows - you can download an illegal windows password finder program