Introduction: How to Capture/record Desktop Video Using VLC Media Player.

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Hello guyzzzz...
In this instructable i will tell you how to capture or record desktop screen video using VLC media player.

So lets start....
1) Open VLC media player.
2) Click on Media->Open Capture Device.
3) A new box will open. For Capture mode, select Desktop.
4) Set desired frame rate to 10.00 f/s.
5) Click on the arrow next to Play button below and then click on Convert.
6) A new box will appear.
7) Set whatever name you want to save your file as, but put the extension as .mp4 ( for example, AAA.mp4)
8) Then click on the settings symbol in the settings.
9) Again a new box will appear.
10) In that new box, click on Video Codec and change the Bit-rate to 2000 kb/s.
11) Then click on Save.
12) After that click on the Start button below and your recording will start.
13) Minimize VLC media player.

To stop recording close the VLC media player.

You can watch the video here-



Camposneva (author)2017-08-24

Cool, I never thought that VLC could have such useful function. I will try it later. Aside from using VLC, I'd also recommend Macdvd Online Screen Recorder which I have been using for many years. It is a free web-based tool that lets you record your screen right from your browser. You don't have to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons.

Abelardolg (author)2017-08-24

Hi there,

I am using VLC 2.2.2 under Xubuntu :

Description: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
Release: 16.04
Codename: xenial

I would like to know how to record a window and not entire desktop.
Should I use a third party software to crop it?

Let me know if you know about this topic.

Kindest regards,

nsanilkumar.valluri (author)2017-04-14

This is for recording video only, if you want to record audio as well, please go through this link

psrinavya (author)2013-10-18

To capture your desktop screen follow this link for video tutorial

This one is moved to following location

PieterS36 (author)2017-01-20

Keeps crashing all the time.. Any suggestions?

RadekJ (author)PieterS362017-02-28

Same here unfortunately :/

owentaylor63654 (author)2017-02-10

Great guide. I don't know VLC can record computer screen. In my mind, it's just a good video player. Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to create screencast with acethinker screen recorder, free and works like a charm. Share it here as an alternative to VLC player.

plutogamz (author)2016-11-13

works with linux i tried it

مهدیپ (author)2016-01-02

Thanks , but unfortunately vlc could not record Audio

AlexanderL23 (author)2015-10-19

Works with Ubuntu 14.04 just fine.

reventhr (author)2015-10-07


faizans97737 (author)reventhr2015-10-08

There is a problem with your VLC player maybe.
Try reinstalling your VLC media player or update it.

Alexander BenediktA (author)2015-08-18

Vielen Dank!

ADib.Le.Poete (author)2014-12-20

2000 merci

vnsakumar (author)2013-10-21

When you follow this tutorial you can record desktop video only, if you want to record audio also you can see this link

ironsmiter (author)2013-07-04

this works for low framerate video capture.
If you are wanting to do something a little more...

The "needed parts" are the video and audio add ons.
Unfortunately, I have not seen any other way to get the audio recorded AND video, at the same time.

faizans97737 (author)ironsmiter2013-07-05

You can increase the frame rate for better quality.

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